Essity’s Roots with SCA Primes the Company for Great Success

Essity-SACYou know about SCA. Well, in 2017 they split off Essity as a separate company. Essity now handles personal care, consumer tissue, and professional hygiene products.

So since they’ve got such a great foundation for success, you know they’re already good at what they do. With a mission of developing value-added hygiene and health products and services, Essity’s primed to lead the market.

Let’s take a little closer look at Essity to learn what they’re all about:

  1. Values Focused on Making the World a Better Place

Yes, Essity wants to drive growth for shareholders. But, the company’s about much more than just money.

It aims to help more people enjoy a fuller life via a sustainable society. And at the same time, it aims to help employees realize their full potential.

So it aims to create a win-win-win for everyone affected by the company and its actions.

One of its initiatives involves in eliminating the problems incontinence causes in adults worldwide. People with this condition, for example, hurt their own health by not exercising because of their fear of leakage showing to others. So Essity helps with products that conceal this (and which you don’t notice) plus education and exercises that reduce the frequency of incontinence.

  1. Staying Close to the Market Results in Innovative, Useful, and Profitable Products

Whatever products you use from Essity will make your market happy. The company deeply integrates innovation into its business model using tangible mechanisms.

They stay close to market trends and consumers. Teams collaborate daily and throughout all stages of a project to ensure rapid product development and lower costs.

This led to Essity creating 30 new products and applying for 54 patents in 2015 alone.

  1. A Quick Look at Tork, Essity’s Hygiene Brand

Yes, Tork includes all the products you’d expect of a leading hygiene brand. That includes paper towels, toilet paper, sanitizer refills – and practically anything else you can think of. And you can be sure these products closely match you needs.

But, Tork also has a service called EasyCube, which uses IoT to streamline the management of facility cleaning, staff management, and supply ordering. This results in more satisfied customers than ever – and greater cost savings too.

Put Simply – You’ll Love Essity

Look, Essity rocks because it began as part of SCA and now focuses only on hygiene products.

With its amazing focus on innovation and deep understanding of the market, Essity consistently delivers winning products.

And you should jump out of your chair with excitement when you learn they’re a good fit for you!