Food Processing Made Easier by Pollock Orora

Streamlining your food processing may seem arduous and time consuming, but Pollock Orora has the tools and knowledge to customize your food processing strategies and make your organization run more smoothly. Let us help you be more productive. Learn how by reading below.

Food processing systems

No matter what stage of food processing your company is involved in, Pollock Orora can lessen the workload on your co-workers. Our consultants work with you to devise a state-of-the-art customized system created to streamline practices in varied areas of food processing. This includes conveyor systems for assembly line work, shrink wrappers to tightly cover and display your delectable treats, and barcode labeling and tracking so you know exactly what is in inventory at the click of a button, just to name a few.

Pollock Orora does more than just sell you a system, though. Since we work with you to create the ultimate system for you, you know the system will meet your needs. After an initial consultation period, the custom system is designed to help your facility meet its maximum capacity. Upon completion, our team is back to install the food processing system and train every co-worker on how to use it to its greatest potential.

Many times, your company’s original systems are analyzed by Pollock Orora to create a new food processing system that is much more automated, reducing human contact. This gives your co-workers time to tackle other tasks, and finished products tend to be less prone to human error.

Tracking software

Another outstanding feature is our integrated software to track your supply levels as items are scanned, and restock as needed via a computer-to-computer EDI system where you don’t even have to worry about ordering. If you want to order something new, let us know via fax, phone, website, or email and we will have it shipped to you within a few days.

To add a bow on this complete package, Pollock Orora’s service department is ready to maintain any of the equipment we sell. Set up a schedule based on your usage, and we will ensure the system runs properly.


Your products pop with Pollock Orora’s custom-designed corrugated boxes, bags, and food containers. Whether you want simple plates to showcase your wares or eco-friendly to-go boxes, we can help with containers to enhance the process. If you are shipping in bulk, take advantage of our case packers and sealers, and strapping machines or stretch films.

No matter the container, Pollock Orora utilizes USDA/FDA-compliant products to ensure your goods are safe from start to finish. Consult with our experts to learn more about the regulatory and technical demands of a food processing operation. Want more out of your containers? Add flair with your company’s logo directly printed on the packaging or on self-adhesive labels.

Safety gear

A compliant team is a safer team. Ensure everyone on your staff wears personal protective equipment, from snoods to sneaker covers. Pollock Orora also features hand sanitizer stations, quality soaps and dispensers, and disinfectants for your staff to remain as safe as possible.

Pollock Orora’s huge array of personnel and facility-based safety equipment keeps everyone as safe as possible. Need caution tape? Check. How about a scaffolding harness? Check. Need something to contain used sharps or chemical spills? Check and check. Almost anything your food processing plant needs, you can find in Pollock Orora’s vast online inventory. If you order products regularly, one of our warehouse partners can stock your business’s usual items at a location close to you to ensure your order is delivered quickly.


Our equipment is manufactured for ease of cleaning and disinfecting. We can supply not only the equipment, but the cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, and sanitizers to service them as well. For even greater shopping ease, pick up the scrubbers, dust cloths, mops, and brooms from Pollock Orora to keep your food processing areas spotless.

Let Pollock Orora be your one-stop shop for all your food processing needs. Consider us your source for everything you need but the food. Look online at our website for our extensive catalog, or call us at 800-843-7302 to make your first order of many.