GOJO Pioneers Hand Cleaning and Reduced Employee Sick Days

At first, you may feel tempted to take handwashing not all that seriously. But it is a problematic issue at every organization, and sometimes for the reason just mentioned.

In the medical industry, for example, around 100,000 patients die each year because of infections caused by poor handwashing techniques. Imagine what the numbers could be for work days missed due to your employees simply not washing their hands like they should.

Suddenly, GOJO’s mission doesn’t sound as silly as it first seemed. It’s quite an important one. And besides helping you and your employees stay healthier and be more productive, you could be saving lives. It’s interesting how something so seemingly small and insignificant can have quite a large impact in the world.

Here’s a couple of things about GOJO that you should know:

  • Their Obsessive Dedication to Handwashing and Clean Hands

You just heard a little bit about it. But, let’s go into even further depth. They actually have a whole blog dedicated to handwashing. One of their recent blogs outlines research that shows cool water works as well as hot water for removing germs.

Their blog also reveals their strong stance that handwashing needs to be monitored using automated technology – not just supervisor observation (because it’s relatively ineffective).


  • GOJO Makes Purell

You’ve certainly heard of Purell, or you’ve seen the label. You know what it is and what it does. GOJO made the Purell brand officially in 1988. Actually, it had been in the works for decades already because founder Goldie Lippman constantly came home with her hands stuck full of graphite, carbon, and tar from the tire manufacturing plant she worked in during World War II.

Purell became a consumer brand in 1997. And in 2006, GOJO invented the touch-free wall and counter-mount dispensers you’ve likely used many times since.

In 2010, Purell took even another step forward by becoming the world’s first green certified hand sanitizer, according to Ecologo. The hand sanitizer is now made with naturally renewable ethanol in a readily biodegradable formula. To top it off, Purell also meets USDA’s BioPreferred program for biobased content. And it’s actually a part of a portfolio of GOJO Green Hygiene Solutions.

You just can’t beat GOJO’s Purell in terms of performance and environmental friendliness. And that’s why you’ll find it when you choose Pollock.