Green Cleaning is Good Business

Cleaning businesses may appear to be a dime a dozen, but green cleaning businesses offer something unique: a solution for cleaning well while benefiting the environment. With customers focusing more on sustainability in their everyday lives, green cleaning is a great emerging type of business to get into. 

At Pollock Orora, we want you to understand why green cleaning is more than a great practice — it’s also good business. 

Easy to establish

While green cleaning products can be pricier than their competition, starting a green cleaning business still has minimal startup costs. When you’re starting out, you can use vacuums and brooms already in homes, while having economical ones of your own as backup until you begin building capital. It’s also easy to start small and expand your services as demand grows.

Better for the environment

Green cleaning means using products with fewer harmful chemicals. Many ingredients are natural and therefore don’t need to go through the typical manufacturing processes that emit greenhouse gasses. Using these lighter materials for cleaning is better for people, plants and animals in the homes and businesses you’re cleaning. In today’s world, showing that you care about the environment is also valuable on its own. 

Meets a growing demand

As people become more aware of the environmental impacts of harsh chemicals, they’re likely to opt for an environmentally friendly solution. People or businesses may be looking for healthier solutions, or there may be legislation in their area that encourages greener cleaning practices. Either way, the demand for green cleaning continues to grow. 

Opportunities for expansion

Cleaning businesses can be expanded in many ways and have the flexibility to grow as needed. You can easily add staff and equipment to increase the size of your operation. You can start by cleaning houses and expand to cleaning businesses — or vice versa. Green cleaning is safer for co-workers, so you may even experience less turnover than these businesses typically have. 

If you’re ready to implement a green cleaning program, Pollock Orora is here to help with a range of green cleaning solutions, from best practices to the latest in green cleaning products. Give Pollock Orora a call at 972-263-2126 or reach out online to get started.