Green Solutions with Pollock Orora: Meeting LEED Requirements

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) promotes sustainable building design, construction, and operation. To fulfill its far-reaching goals, the USGBC created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification in 1998. The USGBC’s focus is to transform not only buildings, but entire communities to be designed and built in such a way as to create an environment that sustains the health of the Earth and improves the quality of life of the creatures and people who dwell in it.

Our team is ready to create the ultimate plan to help your business in its bid to be conscious of its ecological impact. Pollock Orora’s green solutions include products, planning, training, shipping, and plenty of information.

How We Make SOLVED Happen with LEED Requirements

We collaborate with facilities to help them meet LEED requirements. This involves conducting audits and site surveys to help businesses minimize their environmental impact and maximize their LEED points. LEED points are the rating scale USGBC uses to determine how environmentally friendly the business is. The team at Pollock Orora ensures that all products in the facility meet LEED requirements and are the best products for the building based on its function and design.

LEED Areas of Concentration

LEED focuses on the following categories:
Efficiency of water consumption
Energy use and its effects on the climate
Materials and resources used for construction
Environmental quality inside the facility
Innovation in design
Regional priority.

Each category is given a numerical value. The projects are reviewed by GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) and, depending on the level of adherence to each category, points are awarded.

Environmentally Preferable Product Reports

Reviewing every purchase for each area of your business can be completely daunting. Our team understands, and that’s a problem we’re happy to solve. We will provide a report of all products you purchased through Pollock Orora, filtered by location. This report dives deep into each product, including a description, manufacturer, third party certification, cost per unit and total purchase cost of every one. It includes every detail required by the USGBC for LEED Environmentally Preferable Products reporting.

Training by Accredited ISSA International Cleaning Experts

Pollock Orora does more than just inventory your products. We also provide guidance and training for LEED sustainable programs, as well as everything you need to prepare for CIMS certification. These programs, which can be live or online, include but are not limited to:
Reviewing systems, processes and documentation
Providing expertise, information and audits
Helping your business deliver a comprehensive green cleaning program based on LEED Version IV

LEED-certified buildings and projects waste less money and are much more energy efficient. This leads to lower carbon emissions and healthier living and working spaces. Pollock Orora would like to help your business achieve the level of LEED certification and other green solutions you need to keep up with the times. Call us at 800-843-7320 for a free consultation on your project.