Handi-Foil’s Award-Winning Products Make Them A Guaranteed Option

In business, can you name one thing that’s guaranteed?

Sure, you have a routine you go through every day. And sometimes, you can fall back on that and feel like your situation’s safe and secure.

But really, if you have any kind of experience, you know nothing’s guaranteed. Change is the only constant.

Well, Handi-Foil of America puts a wrinkle in that. If you want a vendor you can always count on to meet or exceed you and your customer’s expectations, it’s Handi-Foil.

Here’s why:

1. A Ridiculous Amount of Industry Credibility

Handi-Foil has won the Key Supplier Disposable Award. The American Institute of Baking gave HFA a “Superior” Certificate of Achievement. And the company’s won numerous other “Vendor of the Year” awards.

You might get a little skeptical of awards. After all, who knows if the company has friends on the selection committee?

However, when you win many different awards from various recognizable names in your industry, you know you’re doing something right in a big way.

2. Innovative Products Available

Every company says they have a focus on innovation. That’s standard corporate speak.

HFA has some cool innovations – so you can actually trust their capacity to think, progress, and lead their industry.

Example: their “Eco-Friendly Space-Saving Roll Foil” boxes. These have significantly cut warehousing, packaging, and shipping costs for customers.

Their Steam Table Pans are also 15% stronger than before and have a more attractive appearance. That makes them more useful – and good for serving. the Tru-Fit Steam Table Pan fits into the Full Steam Table Pan with minimal steam loss so your food stays hot and ready to serve, while also allowing you to serve more varieties.

And finally, the Eco-Foil product is made from 100% recycled aluminum, while also being 100% recyclable after use. So, you don’t create any waste!

Handi-Foil experienced tremendous growth in the past ten years. And with the awards they’ve won and the innovations you’ve seen, it’s easy to understand why.

So if you hear us recommend Handi-Foil when we believe their products make a good fit for you needs, you should absolutely jump with your arms straight up in the air, smile wide, and click your heels because you’re in great hands!