How Heritage Bag Company Makes Trash Bags Scientific

Heritage BagsA trash bag is just a trash bag, isn’t it?

Well, maybe for most companies it is. But when you learn more about Heritage Bag Company (a Novelex brand) you find out that trash bags benefit from a well-thought-out scientific process. Now of course, Heritage doesn’t disclose this because it’s their competitive advantage.

But you can certainly find evidence of it in all of their products. Take a look at some of their bags and features to see how they engineer bags to specifically meet the demands of a variety of workplace applications:

Three Different Bottom-of-Bag Seals – Star, Gusset, and Flat

The star seal doesn’t have any gaps, which eliminates the possibility of leaks. This seal also fits the shape of the trash container it’s in better, and it helps distribute the weight in the bag more evenly. This maximizes carrying capacity. So clearly, these bags work best in places like the front of a store, where a customer may get rid of food waste.

Gusset seals use four layers of film to seal the bag, while the rest of the bag uses just two. That provides more strength in the bag. So bags with this seal make more sense when you’ll have heavier trash weights.

Finally, flat seals have a simple bottom seal that looks just like the closed end of a pillow-case – one seam right down the middle. They don’t leak any liquid. However, they don’t fit the shape of trash containers well. So, they’d be the type of garbage bag you leave rolled up until ready for use.

BioTuf Bags Make Caring for the Environment Easy

Heritage Bag Company makes a line of biodegradable bags suited for industrial facilities. They’re the perfect solution for such facilities who compost some or all of their waste. BioTuf products are also made from sustainable resources, so they’re environmentally friendly across their entire life cycle, and not just after use.

Xliner Bags Work for Heavy-Duty Applications

Heritage Bag Company makes bags from raw materials leftover after its production processes. This gave birth to its Xliner series of bags. They’re available in a variety of sizes and gauges varying from 1.20 mil to 2.00 mil.

As mentioned earlier, they’re tough. They work for even the hardest materials.

These are just a sampling of the different types of bags and applications Heritage Bag Company addresses. They also have self-sealing food bags, biohazard bags, bags designed for nearly every garbage can size, and bags designed to tie fast and easy.

When we recommend bags to customers, Heritage Bag Company’s products always come to mind first.