How Corrugated Boxes Help Companies Reduce Waste

When plastic boxes first hit the market, they were touted as the alternative to corrugated boxes. They supposedly lasted longer, which meant they produced less waste. Time has proven that plastic is extremely detrimental to the environment, and corrugated boxes are making a comeback in a huge way. Let Pollock Orora explain how the simple corrugated box can help your company reduce waste.


Almost every corrugated cardboard box either has the word “recycle” or the triangular pictograph of recycling on it to remind everyone to recycle. Many corrugated boxes are already 100% recycled (most are between 70% and 90% recycled, far outstripping any other packaging) and are still able to withstand the rigors of use.

Recycling cardboard is easy and shrinks a company’s carbon footprint. The majority of cardboard is harvested from fast-growing pine and birch trees, and many corrugated box manufacturers plant trees to replace the trees they harvest.

Even if cardboard is tossed in the garbage, it degrades quickly and contains no added dyes, bleach, or other harsh chemicals, which is good for the environment as well. Because birch and pine can grow almost anywhere, most corrugated cardboard is sourced locally. When raw materials are sourced nearby, companies reduce fuel and transportation costs.


Pollock Orora has a huge inventory of shipping boxes we can customize with your company’s name and logo to showcase your business as boxes are shipped across the United States and the world.

With customized boxes, excess cardboard is not wasted: the exact fit means your goods will arrive undamaged while using the minimum amount of resources. Also, when your products fit in smaller boxes, you can pack more in shipping containers to send them out into the world, and that helps the environment through fewer shipments and less fuel used to ship.

Pollock Orora can take your packaging to a whole new level with custom-printed, full color containers advertising your product as well as your company. Need a place to display these gems? We have you covered with stunning color POP (Point of Purchase) displays that set up quickly and are strong enough to withstand outside pressure as well as the weight of the products they house. POP displays are economical, and can simply be recycled at the end of their usefulness.


Corrugated cardboard has been in use since 1871 for packaging; its longevity proves its effectiveness. Considering its durability, corrugated cardboard is relatively light. Since most boxes are, in fact, box-shaped, they stack easily, leading to less wasted space and less chance of breakage due to shifting cargo while shipping. This improves customer relations and wastes less time as your co-workers are not fielding calls concerning products broken or damaged during shipping.


A cost analysis of corrugated cardboard versus any other shipping material proves the price of corrugated boxes is extremely affordable. Most companies find it easy to incorporate cardboard boxes into their budgets without thinking twice. Reducing the overall budget can help create a less expensive product, which increases your bottom line.

Compared to plastics

Approximately half the plastic used in packaging in the United States is not reused or recyclable. The petrochemicals in plastics break down into microplastics, which are responsible for growing marine problems. These same microplastics are absorbed into the human body and can potentially cause health risks.

Plastics are based on petrochemicals, which are generated from oil – definitely not sustainable. All parts of manufacture – extraction, refinement, distribution, use, and disposal – are harmful to the environment. Plastics are not sustainable.

Government requirements on sustainability are closing in on products packaged in single-use packaging. The amount of wasted plastic in packaging is immense and troubling.

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