How Custom Corrugated Packaging Can Help Your Business Shine

First impressions often make or break a sale. It’s the reason businesses go to great lengths to test products, product packaging and more. Pollock Orora’s custom corrugated packaging supplies will help your products pop when placed on shelves and remain safe and unbroken when shipped or displayed.

Display solutions

Small products are often lost in the shuffle when displayed with other merchandise. Bring them front and center with proper corrugated packaging to showcase your brand.

Corrugated packaging can provide a base for thin articles or offer support when products hang from j-hooks.

Beyond displaying individual packages, Pollock Orora can create a stand-alone display to properly highlight your product to make it easy for customers to locate and simple for co-workers when they track inventory.

Shipping solutions

Shipping a package seems so common sense: find a box, add your products, seal the box, and send. However, Pollock Orora’s packaging supplies, such as corrugated packaging, can save your business money not only on packaging, but also on loss due to broken products and shipping costs since corrugated packaging can provide perfectly sized packages every time you ship.

If your shipping box is not the correct size, it can lead to disastrous results. Too big and excess shipping material must be added to keep the product from shifting unexpectedly; too small and the product might experience dings and gashes from improper shipment handling. Since ground shipment often relies on cube weight or volumetric weight, a perfectly sized box will keep prices in check.

Corrugated box solutions

Your products need to be properly advertised when they leave your business. A beautifully inked box from Pollock Orora can be fitted to hold your scrumptious edibles, a priceless antique platter, or your customer’s perfectly fitted suit.

When you ship your product to a distributor rather than an end-user, the proper corrugated packaging with your branding proudly displays your business’s logo. Attractive packaging leads to a more prominent presentation in your distributor’s display case.

Design solutions

Not sure how to craft the perfect corrugated packaging supplies? Pollock Orora’s design team will create custom corrugated packaging for all your needs. We can look at your current packaging program and offer solutions to display and ship your products more effectively.

With custom printing in your logo’s specific colors; die-cuts to fold, hang, and display; the correct amount of adhesive so your package will withstand weather and shipping conditions while still being able to be broken down without fuss; and assembly in-house to be shipped to you ready for use, Pollock Orora leaves nothing to chance.

Custom kit solutions

Some packages demand more than a simple box. Pollock Orora can design and manufacture more than just the inner and outer packaging. If your product needs foam or corrugated cardboard to ensure a proper fit without breakage, a display case to surround your stock, a pallet to mail it to distributors, or any other accouterments associated with kit design and display, let us know. We can design and manufacture it to your specifications.

When you are ready to improve your business’s image, ship products more safely and securely, and display new products in record time, give Pollock Orora a call at 800 843-7320 or send an email to