How Dilution Control Systems Work in Commercial Cleaning

Efficiency, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness are critical when it comes to successful commercial cleaning. 

A tool that’s made that easy for teams is the dilution control system.

These systems offer numerous benefits to commercial cleaners — including reducing hazards and taking out some of the guesswork to cleaning. The Pollock Orora team is here to unpack how these systems work and how they could benefit your company.

Understanding Dilution Control Systems

Dilution control systems  — also known as proportioning or dispensing systems — are designed to precisely mix concentrated cleaning chemicals with water to create the desired cleaning solution strength. These systems typically consist of a dispenser unit, which accurately measures the concentrate, and a water supply, which provides the necessary diluent. The dispenser unit is programmed to deliver the correct ratio of concentrate to water, ensuring consistent and accurate dilution every time.

Benefits of Dilution Control Systems

Streamlined Cleaning Process

One of the primary benefits of dilution control systems is their ability to streamline the cleaning process. By eliminating the need for manual measuring and mixing of cleaning chemicals, these systems save time and labor, allowing cleaners to focus on their tasks more efficiently.


By using concentrated cleaning chemicals that are diluted on-site, cleaners can significantly reduce the amount of product used compared to pre-diluted solutions. This not only reduces the cost of purchasing cleaning chemicals but also minimizes storage space requirements and transportation costs associated with bulky pre-diluted products.

Safety and Sustainability

Concentrated cleaning chemicals are generally safer to handle, store, and transport than pre-diluted solutions, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, by using less packaging and reducing the volume of chemicals transported, these systems contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Applications of Dilution Control Systems

Dilution control systems are utilized in various settings, including janitorial services, hospitality, healthcare facilities, and food service establishments. Whether it’s cleaning floors, surfaces, windows, or restrooms, these systems offer versatility and efficiency, ensuring that cleaning tasks are completed to the highest standards.

With their ability to streamline the cleaning process, reduce costs, promote safety, and enhance sustainability, these systems are indispensable tools for modern commercial cleaners seeking to achieve optimal results while minimizing resources and environmental impact. For commercial cleaners looking to make life easier for their team, Pollock Orora is proud to supply you with the tools you need to get the job done! Fill out our contact form and let’s discuss how our team can help you make cleaning SOLVED.