How Packaging Equipment from Pollock Orora Makes Businesses More Efficient

Your co-workers deserve a work environment where they can reach their goals effectively. Make that dream a reality with improved automation for your packaging equipment line from Pollock Orora. You’ll love how much more quickly and smoothly the line runs, and the spike in productivity will positively impact your bottom line.

Assembly work

Assembly line work is tedious, and burnout occurs frequently among these essential co-workers. Help your team expedite the line and focus on other projects by improving or upgrading your existing line. Whether you need supplies to ship merchandise, such as packers, labels, a labeling system, or boxes, we have you covered. Transporting and sealing the equipment with case sealers, automatic palletizers, shrink wrap or stretch film machines, or conveyors is simple with the products and machinery we offer. 

Shipping made easy

Sealing individual corrugated boxes and larger cases is greatly simplified with the addition of a case sealer. As the boxes trundle down the conveyor, they are sealed with the correct amount of sealant to ensure a safe delivery elsewhere. 

No matter how precise your co-workers are, the end product of a full pallet is never truly full. Automate the process with an automatic palletizer, and let technology work smarter for you. The increased amount of goods per pallet will pay the cost of the palletizer in no time as you watch more goods than you could have imagined fit neatly onto pallets before they are professionally wrapped by a stretch film machine that utilizes the correct amount of film without waste (a reduction of 67% less shrink wrap) or hassle. 

Packaging equipment reimagined

Our team of specialists will visit your business and watch how your current conveyor system operates. With careful analysis, we will integrate your existing system with upgrades or offer an entirely new schema. We work with you to produce the system you imagined within your budget. After meeting with you and gaining your approval, we create and ship your new packaging equipment system. But it doesn’t end there. We ensure your equipment is installed properly to your specifications, then train your team to use it correctly. 

Some systems are computer driven and occasionally need upgrades, and all systems require maintenance. We fill that role as well, maintaining any equipment we install on your schedule. 

Perfect packing stations 

Build your ideal packing station with our 3D creator. With myriad styles and sizes, you can piece together all the equipment your co-workers need to work efficiently and safely. With built-ins you normally dismiss, such as a trash receptacle attached to a workstation to catch small debris, everything you can imagine can become a reality. 

Your job just became easier. Call Pollock Orora today at 800 843-7320 and speak with one of our co-workers about how you can simplify your business without breaking the bank.