How Pollock Orora Solves Every Business Facility Need

Whether you need paperclips or a floor scrubber, Pollock Orora has the right part at the right price to answer all your pressing needs. Our facility solutions focus on your industry and so many others. 

How Pollock Orora makes solved happen 

Want your business to run more smoothly? Invite our team to your warehouse, office, or campus. We work with you to create the perfect business solution, from automated ordering to creating a better workflow in your distribution hub through an in-depth process design.

We know your business is vitally important, and you deserve brand recognition. Pollock Orora’s custom boxes allow your logo to shine on your display packages as well as your shipping and take-home boxes. Order a standard-sized box, or let us work with you to design a perfectly sized box for your most shipped items.

We have agreements nationwide with regional distributors to ensure your goods arrive quickly – often in less than 2 business days. Our automated ordering system helps you track your orders, manage your inventory, and order automatically once your inventory reaches a specific level. Ordering is a breeze with EDI, phone, email, or fax options. 

Solving for different industries

Knowing what Pollock Orora can solve for any business is not the same as knowing how they can solve your business’s specific problems. Every industry has its own demands, and we focus on a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare to property management. Read a few examples below.


Bring your business new life with our line of retail products that both you and your customers will love. 

  • Office supplies: From the lowly thumbtack to a recycling center, we have the supplies you need for your retail business to run smoothly. With automated ordering, you’ll never run out of the supplies you rely on.
  • Retail shopping bags: Bagging your customers’ purchases in a plastic bag with “Thank You” emblazoned upon it does not have nearly the impact as a bag with your name and logo. Our team works with you to custom design the bags of your dreams.
  • Retail supplies: Your inventory needs to be properly displayed. Order hangers and clothes racks, retail corrugated displays and custom boxes, or glamorous food packages to showcase your wares. Those first impressions can make a sale. 

Building service contractors and property managers

Selling a customer on a new space requires preparation. Ensure your buildings are as clean as possible with Pollock Orora’s extensive line of cleaning products. We stock the equipment to clean the floors and the chemicals you need to clean them. Choose from antiseptic cleaners, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and/or sanitary detergents and soaps. You’ll find the correct product for the job you need to tackle.

Existing customers require the same level of cleanliness. Stock bathrooms and break rooms with soaps and dispensers, towels and dispensers, and hand sanitizers. When cleaning your facilities, we can assist in determining the amount of materials needed depending on the area you clean and the number of times you clean it. Rest assured you will always have a stocked inventory area with our automatic ordering systems.

Keep your co-workers and customers happy with advanced training for your staff. A better educated staff meets customer needs at every turn. 

Looking to be more environmentally conscious? Pollock Orora can guide you through the steps to become LEED certified in the categories you believe are best suited for your organization. We supply green cleaners and eco-friendly products to help you meet your goals.

Food processing and service

Any items associated with food consumption are highly regulated.  Pollock Orora’s consulting team unravels the mysteries of technical and regulatory demands required to work with food. 

Displaying your food items for customers leads to sales. The packaging must look great and hold up to the pressures of either hot, cold, or semi-liquid foods. You can find all the right packaging to meet your needs with our custom package designs. Not sure if it will work? We also offer testing and analysis. 

Food processing demands a workable packaging system. Call Pollock Orora to solve your system needs. Working with you, we can design the system of your dreams, install it, train your staff on how to operate it, and return on a regular basis to update and maintain the equipment. We never leave you stranded.

Shipping your products couldn’t be easier with Pollock Orora’s inventory of packaging equipment. Rest assured your items will be as beautiful when they reach your customer’s door as they were in your display window. 

Learn more about how Pollock Orora’s serves its industries to make solved happen. Call us at 800 843-7320 for information on how we can assist you in your industry.