How Pollock Orora Solves the Puzzle of Retail

It is simple to go online or to a big box store for office supplies. When you use those products, however, you find they fall short of meeting your needs. Rather than operate your retail operation at 75%, consult the experts at Pollock Orora first. Their team can look at your entire office and store, then recommend services and equipment to bring your business significantly closer to 100% efficiency.

Shipping and packaging. Solved.

With retail becoming more internet driven, it is important to advertise your business through shipping your products to your customers’ doors. Beautiful, effective, and perfectly sized, Pollock Orora’s custom packaging allows your logo and message to pass through the hands of several individuals from your store to your customer’s door. With good product advertising or a stunning logo, your package will be talked about all along its route.

The logo is only part of the impressiveness, though. Pollock Orora’s custom corrugated boxes are designed for your products. This snug fit allows you to ship with more savings since the dimensions are lower and packing material does not fill ¾ of the box’s interior. For you, that translates into lower shipping rates and less waste while shipping in a box designed for your product, making it much less likely to break.

Customization. Solved.

Let our incredible team design a customized system specifically for your company. After the initial design, we will go through the system step by step with you and your team, explaining in as much detail as you need how to operate and maintain your packing station, palletizer, strapping machine, or all of the above! Take advantage of Pollock Orora’s integrative software to use your system to its fullest capacity. Once your new customized system is installed, our team sets up a maintenance schedule at your convenience to ensure your system runs smoothly year after year.

Supplies. Solved.

Our inventory warehouse just became your supply closet. With our customized logistics specific to your business, Pollock Orora is at your beck and call. With our easy-to-use online shopping or via EDI, your orders can be sent, processed, and fulfilled within 2 days. If your organization has several locations scattered across the city, state, or country, we can ship your orders to the destinations of your choice. We partner with warehouses across the country and ship directly to you in one of our delivery trucks. You can do more than track your orders with our app. You can manage your shipments and budget as well. Now you can easily track what you need, where you need it, and when it is needed.

Shopping. Solved.

Add that extra touch to every shopping experience with Pollock Orora’s vast array of shopping goods. From shopping bags and tissue paper to gift boxes replete with gift wrap and ribbon, we have your products covered, literally. Do you have an online business? We offer ecommerce and shipping supplies as well.

Cleaning. Solved.

First impressions can make or break a retail organization. Make your business shine with cleaning and disinfecting supplies from Pollock Orora. Mops, brooms, hand sanitizing stations, cleaning chemicals, soap and dispensers, paper towels, and so much more is available and ready to be shipped to you. With training for your team, your customers will recognize your level of clean as unparalleled.

Pollock Orora leaves no retail stone unturned. Take advantage of our free initial consultation to see how your business can improve in efficiency, cleanliness, and cost management. Give us a call today at 800-843-7302. We are ready to make solved happen for you.