How Samuel Packaging Systems Rocks Its Industry

When it comes to packaging, you want Samuel on your side. The company serves a number of niche markets…and does an awesome job of it.

So let’s get right to it and see what they do so well:

1. Protective Packaging for Appliances and Electronics

Of all the partners we’ve reviewed so far, and that’s about 60 or so, Samuel may be the first to specialize in packaging for the appliance and electronics industries.

Because these industries have higher consumer purchase costs, consumers need every bit of assurance they can get that their products will be safe during transport.

Samuel even designs their packaging to protect products when they’re not properly secured. After all, it might be the consumer themselves transporting the product. And they may be so excited that they just want to get home and use it, neglecting to account for any bouncing and jostling the product may experience on the way home.

Now that’s thinking ahead, isn’t it?

If you’re in the appliance or electronics industries, how many returns and damaged products could that save you each year?

2. Protective Packaging in the Agricultural Industry

How many companies can say they know how to give you the protective packaging you need if your company farms hay, cotton, or tomato paste?

Samuel serves those sub-industries, and many others, too. And you know the difference a specialist makes.

More specifically, Samuel offers fully automatic plastic strapping machines and bale bagging systems, both of which save a ton of manual labor. They also adapt to any baling process.

Finally, their low elongation polypropylene plastic strapping has a 10% better seal than competing products.

3. Bundling and Stretch Wrap Equipment

With more than 25 years of experience, Samuel knows what it’s doing with bundling and stretch wrap equipment too.

Known for efficiency, Samuel’s equipment has a lower total cost of ownership than competing options.

To make that possible, Samuel’s machinery comes with fewer moving parts. This means less opportunity for things to break down (which costs you time and money), and reduces the need for maintenance.

Their heat seal technology has 90% joint seal efficiency rate, the best in the industry, which gives you lower product damage rates than every other competitor.

So when you hear us tell you that you should look into Samuel Packaging Systems, you should leap out of your seat with your arms in the air!

You’ll be in good hands, and your competitors will be left standing around, scratching their heads and clueless why you’re blowing by them.