How Tennant Rocks the Cleaning Equipment and Products Industry

We don’t have too many partners whose history goes all the way back to 1870.

However, Tennant’s does just that. George H. Tennant originally founded the company as a woodworking business.

He then morphed it into a wood flooring and products company. And eventually it moved into manufacturing cleaning products and equipment as it does today.

In 1932, the company began producing floor cleaning equipment, so it’s coming up on nearly a century of experience in the industry.

Perhaps that’s why it has a $1.37 billion value today!

In 1970, the company actually built the first floor scrubbing machine you can ride on. And today, the company maintains an intense focus on floor-cleaning products that don’t harm the environment.

Let’s take a little closer look to see specifically what Tennant does so well and why you’ll love the company when we recommend their supplies and equipment:

1. Tennant Focuses on Values, Not Products

Tennant wants to make the world a cleaner, safer, healthier place. Yes, they make cleaning products and equipment. But that’s not the way they think of it.

And it’s evidenced by the fact that when they create new products, they’re designed to use less water and lower amounts of harsh chemicals.

The company’s actually been named to Forbes’ most trustworthy companies list four times!

2. Product Showcase: ec-H2O NanoClean Technology

Now this is an interesting technology. It converts plain old water into a detergent-free solution that cleans effectively.

This not only saves you money, but clearly that would also reduce environmental harm (versus using harsh chemicals), improve employee safety, and safeguard human health.

In other words, it perfectly lines up with how Tennant states it operates.

It works by using an e-cell to generate millions of microscopic bubbles (nanobubbles) which clean with the effectiveness of a chemically-based solution (but without any chemicals).

One company, Marsden, tested Tennant’s Orbital Scrubber, which operates with this technology. The scrubber cleaned the targeted floors in just a single pass – which greatly increased productivity.

Floors dried in seconds, which reduced the risk of falls.

Plus, it does all that in an environmentally friendly way.

Needless to say, Marsden was blown away with the results and happily uses Tennant equipment with NanoClean technology whenever possible.

You can learn more about Tennant’s NanoClean technology here.

So yeah, Tennant’s a pretty cool (and effective) company all around. And we’re happy to recommend their products and equipment to you when they make sense.