How to Be a Leader During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Everyone wants someone who’s comfortable with being in charge during times of crises. And that effect is amplified at least a hundred times because we have absolutely no experience dealing with something like coronavirus.

How do you lead effectively? What do others need from you? What should you focus on?

It’s never easy to lead because not everyone agrees with you or likes what you do.

But you can lead your company through coronavirus. And here’s some of the top things to consider as you do:

1. Remain Confident You’ll Get Through

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell has written many books on leadership which have sold millions of copies. Several have even made the New York Times Best Seller List.

Notice the above quote doesn’t place the focus on optimism. Rather, it emphasizes following through on a plan of action and making it through.

That needs to be your attitude. You don’t need to know what’s going to happen or how you’ll deal with it.

You just need the confidence that somehow, some way, you’ll make it through. People will notice that and they’ll come right along with you when they see that’s your attitude.

2. Always Tell the Truth

Never sugarcoat. People pick up on that, realize you’re full of it, they lose trust, and then they leave.

Always tell your staff the truth. And if you don’t know the truth, simply say,”I don’t know. But we’ll figure it out.”

They should never be confused after hearing what you say. They should know exactly where you stand and what you’re planning to do.

3. Focus on Empathy And Service

Your team, and humans in general, want security, comfort, and love. They want to know that above all else, you care for them.

If they sense you looking out for your own interests in favor of theirs, they’re not going to hang around.

Or, they’ll perform at a much lower level than you would like.

Have empathy for all the chaos they’re going through. Aim to help out in any way you can, no matter how small.

The best way to get others to care about you and your company during a crisis lies in caring for them first.

Leadership is not easy, even in a normal market. But you can do it – otherwise you wouldn’t have the leadership position that you do.

So, take a deep breath, think carefully about your next steps, and trust it’ll all end up okay. And you’ll make it through just fine, no matter how intimidating the circumstances.