How to Easily Create Wow Moments for Your Customers

Can you remember the last time you had a “wow moment” customer service experience?

It wasn’t necessarily amazingly above and beyond. The company simply chose to do exactly the right thing for you at the moment.

You felt so special and appreciated.

How can you make that routine at your company? Sure, it might be routine with you. But remember, your competitors won’t do the same.

So you’ll stand out and win long-term customer loyalty. Here’s how to create “wow” customer service experiences consistently with ease:

1. Create Wow Moments for Your Employees

“What goes around comes around,” sure holds true in life, doesn’t it?

You can’t hire employees, treat them like numbers or objects, and then expect them to do amazing and wondrous things.

Wow your employees. And then watch them wow your customers.

For starters, take each one of your team members out to lunch quarterly.

When have you ever heard of anything like that happening at a workplace?

2. Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Customer

“Customer service” is almost a dirty word at many companies. Nobody wants to spend their whole day doing that.

If that’s the sentiment at yours, or even if the thinking is anywhere near that direction, it’s time for a shake-up.

Work on creating a plan to identify specific ways your customer service team can treat your customers like friends and family. Transform them from numbers in a system to real, living people.

This could be as simple as finding ways to compliment customers on something unique you like about them.

Identify and fix a small problem for your customer…without asking for payment!

Small stuff like that goes a long way. Create an internal document of examples for your team to share and use.

3. Never Hold Still

Innovation is the key to staying alive and thriving in business. So why does innovation often seem to not happen with customer service?

You frequently hear the “policy won’t let me” line from some of your own favorite companies.

What’s the next step in providing customer service that your competitors refuse to touch because they’re too scared to change?

Can you consolidate responsibilities with your customer service team members so you don’t have to transfer customers nearly as much?

Could you make every 100th sale of your product 50% off?

Could you find a way to surprise your customer…like asking for their birthday and sending them a gift (but not telling them you will)?

If you take the time to create “wow” customer service moments daily, you’re well on your way to creating a lasting business.