How to Eat for Exceptional Winter Wellness

The holiday season brings upon us a delicious array of tasty treats…and pumpkin spice everything.

Though scrumptious, many foods don’t do your health any favors.

Eating healthy so you have a top-performing mind and immune system doesn’t have to be a chore.

You can eat a diet that does your health well and which you also enjoy.

How do you actually do that? Find out below:

1. Eat Filling Foods So You Don’t Fall Victim To Your Cravings

Every office has plenty of sugary snacks laying out and about in the open, tantalizing your taste buds.

But, you don’t have to find yourself giving in to every temptation.

Start by adding high-protein foods to your breakfast and lunch. Protein makes you feel full.

And when you’re full, you can make healthier choices. It’s just not realistic for you to eat healthy when you feel hungry, ready to eat anything.

High-protein foods include chicken breast, almonds, oats, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, quinoa, whey protein supplements, and many more.

There’s only about a million blog posts on high-protein foods.

So if at first you don’t find what you want, keep searching until you identify the ones you like to eat.

2. Wean Yourself Off the Unhealthy Stuff

Going cold turkey can shock your mind and body. Suddenly, you’re not eating any of the foods you’ve been consuming for years.

Unwittingly, you can be setting yourself up for big-time failure. You’ll keep making healthy decisions for a time, until finally one day you completely collapse, give in, and then go on a binge.

Instead, start by simply replacing one unhealthy meal with a healthier one.

Give yourself a pat on the back for making the change.

Then, in another week or two, make another healthy change. And again, give yourself credit for making a healthier decision.

Keep making these decisions over a period of months, and eventually you’ll find yourself eating healthy all the time.

3. Keep Healthy Food Nearby

You know how you just kind of graze on whatever’s available?

Well, make unhealthy food unavailable and keep your healthy food available.

You’ll have to decide what that looks like for you.

But, you might keep a healthy trail mix, blueberries, protein bars (be careful because not all are as healthy as they could be), or a protein shake available at all times.

When you feel hungry, simply grab and go!

4. Have as Many Vegetables as Possible

Mom was right. You need to eat your veggies. They contain the raw micronutrients your body and mind need to be at their best.

Consume as many different colors as possible.

Add spices to flavor them up. Avoid the dressings, including the light ones.

Look up recipes online to keep things interesting.

Yes, it’s a little trickier to shop for vegetables. But the difference they make to your health is more than worth it.

Just like you optimize your business and your job for top performance, optimize your health for top performance.

You’ll feel better and have more energy. Minor and nagging illnesses may become a thing of the past. That afternoon crash may go away.

And you’ll just all around be a better human being!