How to Get Customers Back Into Your Store in 2021 and Beyond

The COVID vaccinations have finally arrived. And they’re rapidly being administered.

Plus, society in general is calming down about the whole COVID pandemic. Many are simply sick and tired of being isolated and are ready to get out again.

Whatever the reason, consumers are ready to begin the slow and lengthy transition back to normal life again.

So how do you get them back into your store so they don’t run to your competitors?

Check out these ideas:

1. Hold a Socially Distanced Event

H2Design & Co., a small independent retailer that offers high-end clothing, decor, and other knick-knacks in Paw Paw, Michigan, simply held a socially distanced event.

They rented out a local theatre to host a “Chick-Flick Movie Night” (most of their customers are women). Wine, flowers, and some sweet treats were made available.

We’re not sure how they actually got people to go into their store. But you could offer some sort of in-store only discount at your event (or just hold your event in your store).

2. Offer Clear Benefits For Shopping In-Store

The internet can come close to replicating the in-store experience. But it can’t precisely duplicate it.

For example, you can offer concierge service. Don’t force it on your customers. Let them just browse if that’s what they want to do.

But do be attentive. Make your customers aware of sales that might interest them. Ask if they need help finding anything. If they have something picked out to purchase, make them aware of accessories that enhance the item’s use.

Doing all these low-pressure things that help your customer, rather than making them feel like you’re twisting their arm into a sale, goes a long way.

3. Do an In-Store Product Demonstration Via Facebook Live

This is what Sidra McWhorter of Sweet Pea’s Boutique did. She showed her customers how a teeth whitening kit worked.

The results?

92 additional sales during the event (the kit costs $119) and many more coming in-store.

That may not sound like much to you. But, the idea scales to pretty much any level. You just have to offer the demo and have the product available.

Entice your customers further by limiting the quantities you have.

4. Consistently Treat Your Own Associates Well

Few businesses truly understand how to create company cultures that make their associates want to avoid leaving at nearly all costs.

Trader Joe’s totally nails the employee experience. And their niche (specialty grocery) isn’t necessarily known for people wanting to build careers.

In 50 years, they’ve never once laid off associates. A supportive and fun environment combined with great pay and benefits makes associates eager to stay (and offer great customer service).

And as recently as 2017, Trader Joe’s did $13.3 billion in revenue.

Treating your own associates well leads to them naturally wanting to do everything they can to keep your customers happy while in your stores.

That’s a great recipe for bringing them in…even as COVID winds down!

Yes. You can get customers back into your stores. Learn what you can from these stories and adopt what can work for you.

Your competitors will find themselves seething with envy when they see your success!