How to Get More In-Store Customers in 2018

With all the large retailers either shutting down stores or going out of business entirely, you may feel tempted to think it’s hopeless to get in-store customers in 2018.

But your time is far from over. Just like any other change in the marketplace, you simply have to adapt so you survive and thrive.

Here’s some things you can do to make your in-store experience something even Amazon can’t compete with:

1. Offer USB Chargers

Neiman Marcus has installed USB charging stations across all its stores. And just like they do in airports, people congregate around them.

You’ll need a power bar, both Android and iPhone chargers, and extension cables.

Add a sign to make it obvious. And while you’re at it, consider offering free coffee too.

You could even take this whole concept to the max and create an entire lounge area in your store.

Add a TV, a couple couches, and some chairs.

Amazon simply can’t compete with this level of convenience.

2. Add Unique In-Store Events That Don’t Necessarily Require Shopping

PetSmart holds a free puppy play time, which is unstructured time for young dogs to get to know one another.

They don’t pressure customers into buying or signing up for classes.

But they do of course have all their products available. And customers do naturally ask about training classes, grooming, and other services for their dogs (and maybe even other pets too).

So, how can you translate the same concept to your own store?

3. Speaking of Classes…

Amazon theoretically could offer virtual classes for using its products. For example, if you buy tiles and grout, they could offer a series of videos that help you learn how to do tiling work in-home.

….But they don’t.

Home Depot does that in-store. Or, even if you own something like a small yarn shop, perhaps you hold classes showing your customers how to sew certain projects.

Again, simply translate the concept to your store and the type of product you sell.

4. Offer Discounts for In-Store Purchases Only

Well, this one makes your strategy quite clear. You could also create a customer loyalty program that offers bonus points and rewards.

And you could heighten the bonuses and discounts offered when your customer shares your offer with their friend and they purchase.

So yes, just because you own a store, or even a chain of stores, that doesn’t mean you have to give up and hand Amazon your business.

There’s many niches even Amazon can’t compete with. You simply have to be creative and willing to try new things.