How to Hire Top-Notch Warehouse Employees

“I’m going to get my master’s in warehouse logistics!”

…You’ve never heard any high school grad say that after being accepted to college!

683,000 people work in warehouses today. And there’s a growing gap between the number of jobs open and people willing to fill them.

So it makes sense that accidents and even fatalities will rise. And that’s precisely what’s been happening. BLS stats show 11 warehouse workers died as a result of injuries suffered on the job in 2015, 16 in 2016, 22 in 2017, and 26 in 2018.

How do you hire the best warehouse workers you can trust to put their full effort into their jobs so they, and your product, stay safe?

Use these three simple steps to your advantage:

1. Don’t Forget Referrals

Which warehouse employees do you have the strongest relationships with right now?

Do they have someone they know who would be an asset to your team?

Your own employees will have at least some candidates in their own personal networks who have skills your warehouse needs.

Some companies offer cash bonuses upon successful hire of the referral, or even a cash bonus if they only interview.

They’ll do the latter because it increases the chances hesitant employees will act and share names from their network.

2. Include Knock-Out Questions in an Online Questionnaire

Technology can’t make a good hire for you. But, “knock-out” questions can certainly help you eliminate candidates destined to be trouble.

“Knock-out” questions simply knock the candidate out of the running immediately. That way, you don’t have a great all-around interview, only to find out the candidate has a dealbreaker towards the end.

Examples could be:

  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
  • Have you ever been fired for being drunk or high on the job?
  • Do you have at least two years of experience?

You’ll have to find your own criteria. But every company has them. And you’ll improve the quality of your hire with them.

3. Pay Like Your Job Is Important

So let’s say everything about your company and the position looks great. The candidate can’t wait to start.

…But then they get just an average salary offer.

“Well, if your position is so important and wonderful, and you want only the best, why do you pay just an average rate?” They’ll think.

Top-shelf employees know their value. They know if you don’t pay them their market value, someone else will.

Aim to be in the top third of the salary range to attract the best warehouse workers.

Yeah. You can get the best. You simply need the right system in place to yield the best candidates.

And now you have easy-to-implement steps that show you just how.