How to Keep Schools Clean Over Summer Break

For most of the year, students, teachers, faculty and staff roam school hallways, creating a buzzing atmosphere and leaving plenty behind to clean. However, for nearly three months, there are far fewer people in the building. Some days, it might just be the janitorial staff. Here’s what your cleaning staff should do to keep the school clean during summer break.  


Double Check Trash Cans

It only takes one person throwing an apple core into an abandoned trash can to cause an ant or fly infestation that goes unseen. When your cleaning staff enters the school to do routine cleanings, make sure they check the trash cans to ensure nothing has been left behind. All trash needs to be appropriately disposed of to keep the school clean. 


Wash and Sanitize Furniture

Desks, tables, chairs and other school furniture go through a lot throughout the school year. Even the cleanest student can have a dirty desk after a year of leaning, writing, painting and coloring on the desk. Summer is the perfect time to give these items a thorough cleaning. 


Clean Building Fixtures

Throughout the school year, there’s a lot of cleaning to be done. Cleaning building fixtures like windows, door knobs and light switches can fall to the wayside when there are more immediate messes. Summer cleaning should include these often-neglected areas so they’ll be fresh and clean when the school year starts. 


Keep Cleaning the Floors

Cleaning floors should be easier over the summer break, but the task shouldn’t be ignored. Even a few people walking up and down the halls can track in dirt and other debris. The smallest bit of dirt, food or water can attract pests into the school, creating a host of issues. 


Continue Disinfecting Bathrooms

You probably won’t be cleaning bathrooms as frequently during the summer, but it’s still an important task. Make sure your cleaning staff continues to disinfect the bathrooms even when they’re not being used. During the summer, they can collect dust and mold, which helps bacteria spread. 

Keeping schools clean over the summer leads to a better environment for students, teachers and faculty when they return to campus. Need help finding the right equipment to keep your school clean over the summer? Give Pollock Orora a call at 972-263-2126 or reach out online.