How to Keep Your Office Bathroom Smelling Fresh

It’s hard to do everything at scale, isn’t it? More people. More processes. More hassle.

…More profit too. But more challenges along the way.

Well, what do you do if you have problems keeping your bathroom smelling fresh?

After all, companies who truly care about their employees do their best to keep their bathrooms in top condition.

One investor in the financial sector based his investment decisions on the cleanliness of company bathrooms. Stinking, messy bathrooms meant companies didn’t care about employees. In turn, employees didn’t care about their customers.

And finally, that meant poor financial performance.

So, a clean and fresh office bathroom means quite a bit to your company! Here’s how to keep it smelling fresh, even if you have a lot of staff using it:

1. Use Air-Purifying Plants

Look, in addition to the obvious one of ventilation, give your office bathroom an added boost with a couple air-purifying plants.

Yes. There are plants who actually purify the air of foul odors (and not just cover it up).

Lilies, orchids, palm trees, the Boston fern, Chinese evergreen (and many others) will actually purify your air.

Others will too. You’ll have to research further to get a clear idea of exactly what plants will do the job.

But at least you have a starting point.

Aim to have at least one 10-12” potted plant per 100 square feet.

2. Essential Oils/Deodorizers

Essential oils can be released into the air to cover up bad odors through diffusers. Just make sure you choose an essential oil with a potent scent (like peppermint or eucalyptus).

You can do the same thing with deodorizers, which you can have your cleaning company place inside urinals or toilet bowls for the best odor-killing effects.

3. Don’t Compromise with Your Cleaning Service

If you hire out your cleaning service, understand that not all cleaning services do the same quality of work.

Some companies design contracts to entrap you in a relationship. They also may hire the least talented or committed professionals so they can keep more profit for themselves.

Be selective in who you go with. Many janitorial services will work without contracts so you’re not stuck with one you don’t want for a year.

Keeping your office bathroom fresh 365 days per year takes hard work and commitment. And now you know what to focus on so you have a bathroom no one complains about!