How to Keep Your Store’s Bathroom Smelling Fresh All Year Long

“Umm. There’s a problem in the bathroom.”

That’s the last thing you want to hear from your customers or employees.

If your customers discover it, that means it’s been around for quite some time. Many others have noticed it and formed their opinions about your business (right or wrong).

And if your employees report the problem in an office, they could feel you don’t care about them. And that could mean drops in their productivity.

Anyway, bathroom problems never do anything positive for your business.

So, how do you keep your bathroom fresh and clean in the first place so you don’t even get these complaints?

Follow this simple guide:

1. Two Potential High-Tech Cleaning Solutions

You can go a couple ways with technology to help keep your bathroom smelling and looking fresh and clean.

First, consider researching phone apps that allow customers or employees to notify your cleaning team of problems in the bathroom.

The other option would be to install IoT sensors. These sensors can relay data so you know exactly which toilet or urinal needs cleaning and when it requires that.

They can also be setup to do disinfecting and other simple cleaning activities when they sense the need.

Beat your customers and employees to the punch!

2. If You Don’t Have the Budget for a Hi-Tech Approach

Maybe you don’t have the budget or buy-in from management to make a hi-tech approach feasible.

For toilet stalls, you can try making a before-you-go odor neutralizer available. After all, no one wants to leave a powerful odor behind.

But that still leaves urinals, whose cleanliness men may feel less inclined to participate in because they don’t necessarily leave behind a specific odor.

Urinal cakes help. Ice can actually be even more effective, and it’s easier to come by.

3. Ventilate

You can do a lot with ventilation. Make sure air has a way in and out. Add fans to enhance circulation.

You can also try adding an air purifier, which improves air circulation and helps remove odor-causing bacteria.

4. Reward Your Cleaning Team for Work Well-Done

Look, no one really wants to clean urinals, toilets, or bathrooms. Give your cleaning team (or your contracted service) performance-based incentives for keeping the bathroom clean.

Make sure you involve your team in the decision so they choose a reward that’s highly motivating.

It’s not a guarantee. But, it certainly greatly increases the likelihood of keeping your bathrooms clean and fresh a much larger percentage of the day.

So that’s what you can do to keep your store or workplace bathroom clean.

Enjoy the fresher scent!