How to Make Your Customer Service Emails More Personal

How do the automated customer service emails you get in your own life make you feel?

Kinda like a number, right?

And that’s not at all how you want to feel.

You want to feel like an important person. You want to feel the company you purchased from cares about giving you a great product or service.

And what do you do when you feel that way?

You keep coming back. You tell others about that company’s products or services. But you don’t try out their competition.

Well, your own customers in your professional life think exactly the same way.

Every bit of personalization you include in your interactions with them works together to create an experience they remember.

So it should probably be a personal and positive one, right?

But it’s also tricky to make this happen with words. Not everyone understands how to write or how customers may feel when they read a message.

Check out some brief tips to help you and your customer service team write personal emails that make customers feel appreciated and cared for:

1. Should You Get Straight to the Point?

With your customer service emails, this depends so much on the recipient.

If you’re B2B and serve busy professionals, you’re probably best off getting straight to the point. Don’t worry so much about being flowery and conversational.

But if you have consumers, then being so direct may come off abrupt and impersonal.

So take some time to be a little chatty. Just an extra sentence or two is all you need to help your customers feel appreciated and at ease.

2. Use Your Customer’s Name

You do have to approach this with balance. If you use your customer’s name 3-5 times in a 5-sentence email, you come off like you’re trying to be best buddies when you’ve only just met.


But once or twice is fine.

3. Don’t Stop with Your Customer’s Name

Experienced email marketers talk about “personalization” being so helpful when talking with customers.

If all you do to personalize an email is include your customer’s name, your customer will still feel like just a number.

Add as many specific details about their situation as you can. This shows you understand and care.

Obviously, this can be tough to scale. But even in your automated emails, take time to personalize to the extent that you can.

It all makes a difference.

4. Always Keep Your Promises

In your customer service emails, promise when something will be done for your customer.

Then, make sure you’ve done it in exactly that way and by the time promised.

Give yourself plenty of time to get the task done so you can make the promise happen.

Most customer service teams do not get things done in the way they said or by the time promised.

If you can do that one simple thing, you’ll stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


Making your customer service emails personal is worth your time.

And now you understand the basics of how to make them work.