How to Make Your Packaging Greener

Every little edge you can get adds up and makes a difference in retail, doesn’t it?

And your customers notice all the little things, don’t they?

So here’s some small things you can do to increase the green-friendliness of your packaging that your customers might also appreciate:

1. Reduce Packaging

This may require help from an experienced green packaging manufacturer. The lesser the packaging you use, the lower amount of harm you cause the environment.

Truthfully, your customers may not notice that you use less packaging than normal. So, make them aware of it by putting a brief statement on your packaging.

2. Unique Materials

Ink can be made from chemicals…or you can get ink made from soy or milk protein. You won’t sacrifice anything in terms of richness of color.

And your customers will appreciate this small step toward sustainability.

3. Make Your Packaging Giftable

Shape your packaging for a child’s stuffed animal like a teddy bear (or in another way your market finds appropriate).

If your market finds your packaging attractive and reusable, they use it again. And perhaps several times more.

So, that cuts a certain amount of waste of single-use packaging from ever having to go into landfills.

4. Make Sustainability Part of Your Marketing

Putting your sustainability in the eye of the public keeps you accountable. Say you do it, and follow through, and you keep or grow your sales.

Say you do it, fail to follow through, and watch your complaints rise and sales decrease.

The more you put your desire to be sustainable in the eyes of your market, the more accountable it keeps you to actually doing so.

And frequently, your market spots your shortcomings faster and more frequently than you do.

So, you may end up with a more sustainable product with their help than you ever would on your own.

5. Try Edible Packaging

Ever gone to your favorite restaurant to eat…the packaging? It’s slowly becoming a reality. And it’s absolutely not a joke.

An increasingly common kind of edible food packaging is coffee cups you can eat after drinking the coffee.

Sounds odd. But it’s clear to see how this reduces environmental waste!

Hopefully these examples give you ideas of how to incorporate more sustainable practices in your packaging.

Which will you use?