How to Make Your Product Indispensable to Your Customers

Having a great product customers love makes for an awesome start in retail.

What? Just a great start?

What more do you need to do than have an amazing product?

Well, you’d rather have customers who just cannot do without your porduct. We’re not talking about turning them into addicts.

We mean having customers who love your brand. They love your product itself. And they love what you stand for. So, it would take quite a series of disastrous mistakes for them to leave you for another brand.

Those are the customers you want.

So how do you get those…even if you simply have a store brand?

Take a minute to learn from beloved yogurt brand Chobani, which has surpassed Yoplait as America’s leading yogurt brand:

1. Give to Your Employees

In 2016, CEO Hamdi Ulukaya wanted to give 10% of the company’s shares (Chobani is a private company) to all employees – ranging from forklift operators to top-level execs.

At first, he was told this couldn’t be done. Nevertheless, he found a way to get it done. And the move received wide praise in the mainstream media, and on social media too.

The company also gives 6 weeks of paid leave to men and women after a birth, adoption, or taking in of a foster child. That’s rare in any industry. And it’s even rarer in manufacturing.

2. Give to Other Food Startups

At its core, Chobani wants to make healthy food available to everyone. They have a program for helping out other food startups so they get on the path of success faster.

Companies who make it in get grants and unrestrained access to Chobani leaders. Literally no strings are attached.

Most such programs in the corporate world would want a stake in the startup, at minimum.

3. Give to Regular People

Many of Chobani’s manufacturing employees are veterans. When the company learned their employees were having a hard time putting food on the table, they created a special “hero batch” of yogurt to raise $1 million to help them out.

Chobani guaranteed they would donate at least $1 million, even if the new product itself didn’t help raise the funds.

The veterans would win regardless of what happened.

So, as you can see, the story behind the product matters. Like a ton!

What positive story can you create, not just to garner positive attention, but to do things that help people in meaningful ways?