How to Make Your Restaurant Run More Efficiently

Restaurant owners at computer

Have you ever taken the time to optimize every one of your restaurant’s processes for perfect efficiency?


It’s tough to do in addition to all the other demands you have on your time.


Plus, it takes a lot of experience to understand your business so well that it operates with extreme efficiency.


And as you go along, things can change dramatically at any moment.


Nonetheless, it’s a struggle you must keep up. Don’t worry, because we have you covered with the top three areas to focus on below:


  1. Involve Your Team


Some business leaders make it appear as though they can do it all themselves.


But remember, that’s just an appearance. You don’t know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.


Rather than assuming things are going well, hold team meetings and get feedback from your employees.


They’re the ones who deal with the minutia most frequently. They may even have great ideas.


Trying to do this all yourself only makes the process more difficult. Since you don’t have all the information your employees do, you’re more likely to make incorrect assumptions.


In addition, Pollock’s efficiency consultants can join your team and help you make the improvements you need.


  1. Invest in Your Team


When you hear the word “invest,” you probably think in financial terms.


Investing in your team no doubt includes a financial commitment. Hiring the right people and paying them well is a big part of motivation and high efficiency.


However, don’t forget to invest in your team’s emotional bank account as well.


Stephen Covey, author of the famed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, coined the term “emotional bank account.”


Basically, the idea is that you make small deposits into others’ emotional bank accounts with actions such as listening, courtesy, keeping promises, fulfilling expectations, and so on.


When you do these things over time, you get a team that feels respected and appreciated.


They not only return the favor with equal deposits into your emotional bank account, but they also perform to the best of their ability.


And that means high efficiency!


  1. Optimize Your Kitchen’s Layout


Create separate work spaces for the various duties in your kitchen so each team member can do what they need to without creating bottlenecks for others.


Don’t forget to make space for food deliveries from suppliers and for servers to take orders to customers.


This becomes exceptionally difficult as your kitchen decreases in size.


However, you must rigidly commit to this so you keep your operating efficiency as high as possible.


Pollock has an advanced ordering system that helps you manage your kitchen’s efficiency, regardless of size, and improve your bottom line.


Never Stop Innovating


The best restaurants, large and small, don’t put efficiency aside.


Sure, you’ll fall into patterns over time. That’s fine.


But always keep your eyes open for the next improvement.


Consistent improvements over long periods of time keep your efficiency high and your position in your market safe.


Give us a call at 972.263.2126 or contact us online to learn more about how Pollock can help make your daily operations more efficient.