How to Optimize the Potential of Your C-Store’s Loyalty Program

Every c-store has a loyalty program.

But the problem now is: how do you get the most out of yours?

Well, let’s get right to it:

1. The Primary Reason C-Store Customers Join Loyalty Programs

For the fourth year in a row, according to a report compiled by Researchscape, the number one reason c-store customers join loyalty programs is to save money on gas.

And this holds true in both good and bad economic times, and regardless of whether or not gas prices are comparatively high or low.

2. What Holds Most Loyalty Programs Back from Growth and Engagement

That same report from Researchscape surveyed c-stores to learn why they think their loyalty programs don’t have as many members as they could.

42% believed training staff to talk about the program presented the greatest challenge.

37% of shoppers didn’t join a loyalty program because they didn’t know about one.

26% said they had never asked about one before.

You can train your staff to spread awareness. However, one step better would be to incentivize them with more vacation days for reaching a number of new members.

Training is necessary too. You don’t necessarily want to push your loyalty program on your customers in a salesy way (which would actually annoy your customers).

Rather, your employees would simply educate customers about the benefits of joining the program.

For example, they could ask,”Did you know you could get 1 free tank of gas after 10 fill-ups?”

And then that leads into a simple conversation about joining your loyalty program.

3. Remind Your Customers about Your Program

Life gets busy. Consumers forget or get distracted. After all, you’re one too, right?

That same survey from Researchscape found 19% of consumers forgot they belonged to a loyalty program, while 17% said they never got any reminders from their loyalty program’s app.

That’s such a simple change for your app’s developer to make. So it’s a nice quick win.

4. Use Your Customer Data to Drive In-Store Purchasing

One of the largest difficulties for c-stores lies in getting consumers to buy more in-store, where your higher profit margins lie.

The top barrier to this is while 72% of c-stores gather customer data, just 25% actually analyze and use it.

You could, for example, look at a customer’s purchase history and then deliver them a relevant offer based on that which gives them an in-store only discount.

Your loyalty program is undoubtedly a great source of revenue. And now you have concrete strategies to increase that revenue and snatch more market share from your competitors.