How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Packaging

The packaging industry is always evolving to meet increasing consumer demand for sustainable materials that will protect merchandise during the shipping process. To remain competitive, business owners need to look for creative solutions to packaging systems that will meet growing sustainability demands while being cost effective for the bottom line. Here are several tips on how you can reduce the environmental impact of your packaging:


Go for an Optimal Size

Consider resizing the packaging you use to ship your product line. You can reduce company waste by using smaller boxes where appropriate, or consider switching to mailers. Remove unnecessary layers, dividers or inserts to reduce waste further.


Offer Reusable Packaging Options

Provide customers with reusable packaging that will extend its usability and tell them why and how your business is heading in the direction of more sustainability.


Ensure Functionality

Redesign your packaging to streamline warehouse functionality. Pulling orders becomes more efficient when packages are built to withstand all facets of the shipping process. 


Customizing Your Packaging

Package branding will increase your brand recognition and attract customers to make repeat purchases. Structure and package design are important to consumers.


Use Clear Disposal Instructions

Provide clear and concise labeling that inform customers of how to properly dispose of your packaging materials. Make sure your packaging is compliant with standard recycling disposal procedures.


Shop Local

Look for local suppliers instead of purchasing packaging that requires long lead times and long-distance shipments. Not only will this boost the local economy, but it reduces the greenhouse emissions from the shipping process and helps your company conserve energy.


While your business currently purchases the packaging necessary to ship your inventory safely to your customers, it is becoming increasingly important that it does more than that. Sourcing your packaging from companies that are champions of sustainability is as important as the functionality. Consumers are taking note of businesses who support renewable, recyclable and easy-to-use packaging. 


At Pollock Orora, we help companies find the best sustainable packaging solutions. Contact us today to learn more about strategizing and executing the perfect packaging design that provides sustainability for the environment and attracts customers to your doors.