How to Regain Customer Trust During the Turbulence Coronavirus Has Caused

Trust is the most fundamental building block of society. Why did customers go to your store, either physical or online, prior to the coronavirus pandemic?

They trusted you to deliver on your promise.

So now you have the gargantuan challenge of rebuilding that trust…when you have the news media constantly screaming doom and gloom.

What can you do to quickly regain trust as nearly every state across the nation allows businesses to reopen their doors (at least in part)?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Focus on a Top-Notch Customer Service Experience

As if all the challenges discussed already aren’t enough, you also have to face the fact that consumers know they can switch their buying to online.

Amazon and Walmart have seen greater than 20% growth in their sales when compared to this time last year.

And yes, Walmart has a thriving online marketplace.

The main advantage you have over online shopping lies in experience. Amazon can’t carry your customer’s bags to their cars for them. It can’t open the doors for them.

But it can slash its prices and match or beat your sale price.

And of course, you’ll need all the health safeguards in place – spots marked for social distancing, widened aisles where possible, sneeze guards, employees with face masks, and so on.

Strange times call for a different approach. And going above-and-beyond with service is one way you can begin to rebuild trust with your customers.

2. Engage with Your Customers

Research published at CBS News showed that just 4% of unhappy customers complain.

The other 96%?

They say nothing and simply move on to your competitor.

So, that means you must find ways to engage in a dialogue with your customers and learn what they truly think and feel. This may mean having to do so online or via something as simple as the old-fashioned suggestion box.

Not everyone feels comfortable telling you exactly what they think. Frequently, they soften the blow or tell you what they think you want to hear because they don’t want to publicly hurt your feelings.

3. Remember That Customer Service Is One of Your Greatest Marketing Opportunities

Word of mouth works just as well, if not better, than it always has. When you offer consistently excellent service, news about that spreads.

How much?

That same article at CBS News reported the average person tells 6-7 others about a positive service experience within a week of it happening.

It also found that one positive service experience gets to the attention of about 250 people total.

You need every ounce of that which you can get in the current market.

So, how can you offer customer service so exceptional that consumers don’t stop talking?

You can absolutely regain consumer trust in a shaky market. And now you have a rough strategy as to how.

So don’t lose faith. Instead, turn this crisis into your greatest marketing opportunity.