How to Spice Up Your Holiday Packaging for More Sales in 2021

Yes. You should have holiday-specific packaging where it makes sense.

Consumers are busy. Many won’t have time to wrap your product as a gift. And simply saving them those few minutes can be the difference between making a sale…or not.

In fact, 67% of consumers don’t like to wrap gifts. This might be a little on the Grinchy side. But it’s the reality of the American marketplace.

What, in specific, should you do to make your particular holiday packaging more appealing to consumers so they choose you…and not your competitors?

Find out below:

1. A Holiday Look

So this is pretty obvious.

But your competitors won’t necessarily switch over their packaging to appeal to consumers during the holidays.

Simply taking that time and effort can be quite a win for you.

And your competitors, since they’re stuck in their ways, likely won’t take the time to adapt until well after you’ve snatched a good chunk of the holiday market share.

2. Custom Tissue Paper, Stickers, and Tape

What do all three of these materials have in common?

They’re low-cost and high-ROI!

Wrapping a product or lining the inside of your product’s box with custom tissue paper instantly gives it a premium look.

Stickers act as a focal point. They’re your best opportunity to print the most compelling details about your brand.

You can use custom tape to liven up plain cardboard boxes. Minimum order quantities can be quite high for custom-printed boxes. So this is a great way to make mailers stand out.

3. Personalized Labels

So in this case think of a premium liquor. Allow your customers to make their own label with a unique message, their name, and the date.

How special does that make them feel?

Or, maybe you remember the ShareaCoke campaign.

Coke allowed you to create a bottle with your friend or loved one’s name on the label. The campaign was so effective that it increased Coke’s share in the product category by 4%, while also increasing consumption by young adults by 7%.

Any way you can personalize your products will go a long way in growing your sales during the holiday season.

4. Don’t Feel Obligated to Be Traditional

Red, green, and metallic colors and looks dominate retail packaging. But, you don’t need to go the same route.

You can really go with any color scheme. As long as you keep an obvious holiday theme, you’ll be fine.

Going non-traditional could be just the thing to do that differentiates from the competition. And any time you can differentiate, you’ll win more sales.

So if you take the time to make holiday packaging available for your products, it will be a nice win.

Consumers will pay more. Your margins will increase. And you’ll snag more sales in a competitive market.