How to Stay Well in 2022

Tired of all the challenges COVID and its variants raise?

It’s hard to know what’s going to happen next. Many companies had a September 2021 return-to-the-office target date.

But then the COVID Delta variant blew that up!

Most are now aiming for January or February, which may not happen either.

And now there’s all kinds of debating about which businesses should require the vaccine, or if they even can.

Wellness sure sounds like a monumental challenge when you consider all of that.

So what should you even focus on, and how do you make sure your employees stay well, whether in the office or working from home:

1. First, Know How To Make Wellness Work

81% of large businesses offered some type of wellness program in 2020, according to an article at Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM).

But the problem isn’t whether you have a program or not. The real difficulty lies in how you implement your program.

According to that same article at SHRM, successful wellness programs have these qualities:

  1. Acknowledgement of wellness’ importance at both the institutional and individual levels
  2. Measuring success at the individual and institutional levels
  3. Understanding the need for ongoing effort that includes complex, well-communicated actions

In other words, implementing a successful wellness program isn’t easy.

If you want to reap the rewards (productive employees, happy customers, and higher revenues), you need to learn from your mistakes and refine your program just like you would with your highest-priority projects.

2. Popular Wellness Trends

Just like any other aspect of your business, new trends are shaping wellness’ present and future.

Some of the current ones to consider emphasizing more include:

  1. Sleep hygiene, which is basically learning what decisions to make to give yourself the best quality sleep
  2. Mental fitness. As you can imagine, stress, anxiety, fear, and depression have been on the rise. How can your employees recognize these and get help?
  3. Tracking stress. Fitness trackers now actually can track and measure your stress levels. You can now easily gain new insights into your personal stress management.

3. Use of Adaptogens

Food’s always changing too. And adaptogens have recently become a big deal because they’re known for helping you keep stress in check.

Of course, your employees should live an all-around healthy lifestyle to keep their stress under control.

Staying well in 2022 and beyond takes far more work and study than we can cover in a single blog post.

However, you have some new strategies and tactics available to get you and your team on the track to success…even in the midst of COVID-19!