How to Win More Customers with Holiday Packaging

Around 20% of consumers begin their holiday shopping in October. That’s your initial opportunity to increase your sales with your holiday packaging, and many businesses miss out on it.

Speaking of your holiday packaging, what specifically can you do with it to win more customers during the holiday season?

Here’s some ideas:

1. Low-Cost Ideas

You don’t need a massive budget to capitalize on the holidays. You can use simple ideas like custom tissue paper, stickers, tape, or branded gift tag.

These things are small. But your customers notice them. And they can take your holiday packaging from blending in to standing out as a premium option.

2. Handwritten Notes

Handwriting notes works any time of year. But it works especially well in the holiday season. Showing your customers that a real human being is putting their order together really makes a strong impression…and it’s one that big brands can’t imitate.

Make sure you actually handwrite the notes. Don’t simply use a cursive font from the computer!

3. Non-Traditional Seasonal Designs

Red, green, and metallic colors abound during the holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with those in particular.

However, you can really stand out from the crowd by choosing a non-traditional, but still holiday, design.

You don’t need to be overly fancy with it either. Simple will do.

4. Advertise Your Sustainable Approach

During the holiday season, about 25% more waste gets thrown away than during the rest of the year.

Advertising your sustainability during the year makes you look good. During the holiday season, this makes you look great.

Just make sure you educate your customers about the increase of waste during the holiday season, so they recognize you’re doing a greater service by minimizing the amount of waste your packaging creates.

5. Tell Your Customers to Share Pics of Their Packaging on Social Media

Consumers are 90% more likely to buy from a brand when recommended by someone they know.

If you’ve gone the extra mile to make your packaging standing out, even if it’s a lower-cost method, ask your customers to share a pick of their packaging on social media.

It’s a simple request that only takes a little bit to include in your marketing that can lead to a significant increase in sales.

Your holiday packaging doesn’t need to be completely revolutionized to make a splash. Now you have specific techniques for improving your packaging that don’t require a massive budget or strategic realignment to execute!