What Makes Dart Solo’s Disposable Food Service Supplies So Great

When you consider your food service supplies – wait a minute do you? Or, do you just look at the price?

It’s easy to minimize the quality of food service supplies. That is, until you start to have problems with yours.

Even though many are only one use, they may fall apart before you even get that first use out of them. Or they’re not made right so those who need to use them can’t fit the volume of food or drink they want inside them.

It’s frustrating for your employees and customers when simple things like these go wrong. Because then, they end up with food on their clothes and feeling embarrassed.

Even something small and seemingly insignificant, like your food service supplies, requires help from an excellent food service supply vendor. Dart Solo is just such a company.

Founded in 1937 by William F. Dart, when it started producing plastic key cases and identification tags for the military and children’s toys, Dart has now also acquired the Solo Cup Company (as of 2012), which doubled the size of the overall company to around 15,000 employees.

Why Are Dart Solo’s Food Service Supplies Superior to All Others?

Dart Solo’s key to success has been the fact that it owns the entire production and supply chain. That literally begins with the production of raw materials and ends with the recycling of the used product. This allows Dart Solo great control over costs, quality, and service.

The company also maintains a strong focus on excellence, efficiency, listening, reliability, and service. Today, if you’ve used any single-use cups, dinnerware, cutlery, straws, or deli containers, you’ve likely used one produced by Dart Solo. They’re the leading company when it comes to production of high-quality, single-use food service supplies.

And to top it off, they keep a high focus on their environmental impact. Today, Dart Solo reduces the amount of material needed to manufacture their products. They reuse heat from their cup-making process to heat their own facilities. They use clean scrap to make more of their own products. And the recycled foam from EPS #6 gets sold to manufacturers of picture frames and other consumer household products.

Dart Solo does even more than that, but you can clearly see their strong commitment to environmental health.

Pollock sells Dart Solo products for all of the reasons just discussed. When you purchase single-use food service products from Pollock, you can rest assured you’re getting the best available – without any of the most common problems you could possibly experience.