Midlab Keeps “Everything Clean” – And They Have Amazing Growth to Support It

How many companies do you know who have achieved year-over-year growth every year since 1980?

Even Amazon, one of consumer’s favorite companies in the entire world, lost 90% of its value in the wake of the 2000 .com crash.

And if you’re remembering, much of the business world took a devastating blow during the 2008 recession and its aftermath.

But not so Midlab. They grew year-over-year even during these rough economic times.

So, they have to be doing something quite right if they’ve maintained that track record for nearly 40 years now.

What’s so special about Midlab? How have they been able to do this, while other companies have stumbled and fallen?

Well, here’s how:

1. Custom Cleaning Product Blends for Specific Uses and Industries

Midlab has more than 600 formulas for their various cleaning solutions. And they go beyond simply keeping things clean.

Instead, they focus like a laser all the way down to specific industries. For example, Maxim, their Disinfecting Acid Bowl Cleaner, serves hospitals, hotels, and schools. It cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes all in one fell swoop.

Their Floor Saver product seals porous floor surfaces for schools, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, and retail stores.

We could go on and on with many more examples of specific products and industries, but you get the point.

2. A 165,000 Square Foot Facility that Allows You to Do Anything

Need a custom cleaning solution made for a specific purpose? No problem for Midlab. Or, what if you want to create and sell your own brand?

Midlab has a 165,000 square foot production facility that allows you to do anything you can imagine.

It also allows the company to lead the way in creating potent green-cleaning products. You end up with the best quality and least environmental impact (which you can let your employees and customers know).

The primary advantage of Midlab’s facility is that it allows them to test new products in ways other facilities cannot.

When you get down to the bottom line, Midlab truly has the ability to keep “Everything Clean.”

…And there’s only one way to learn the difference they can make for your company, which is why we’re happy to recommend them when they’re a good fit for you.