Why No Company Beats the Utility Offered by Rubbermaid

At Pollock, we love Rubbermaid products. You simply can’t beat their utility. It’s impossible.

Take a look at one of their popular product lines, for example: BRUTE containers. They’re large plastic garbage cans. That’s all. They don’t seem like anything special.

However, that’s until you learn about the unique features they have that make them the best solution for garbage and recycling in the industry. Check out just a few to get a feel for Rubbermaid’s iconic utility:

  • Vented interior channels make removing bags 50% easier. This eliminates that natural “vacuum effect” you get with barrels without venting.
  • Integrated cinches allow you to secure bags without tying a knot.
  • Handles around their base make them easier to pick up and empty.
  • Rounded, rather than sharp, handles make lifting much easier and practically eliminates potential tearing of your bags.

That’s not all you get with BRUTE garbage barrels. However, it shows you the amazing attention Rubbermaid places on a rather mundane thing.

Learn More about Enhance, Rubbermaid’s Line of Decorative Waste Receptacles

What if you have more of an upscale business? The kind where presentation makes a huge difference to the customers you serve.

Rubbermaid has an entire line of special waste receptacles just for that purpose in Enhance. Check out a few features of their Enhance line:

  • Fingerprint resistant so each waste receptacle maintains its look and feel.
  • Replaceable panels allow you to change the look of your waste receptacles without having to purchase entirely new ones.
  • 230 color, material, and finish options so you can match your décor perfectly.
    6 different top openings to accommodate various types of waste disposal from your customers.

Just like BRUTE, Enhance takes waste disposal to a whole different realm that fits your needs, no matter what they are, to perfection.

Rubbermaid’s Maximizer Mop Eases Floor Cleaning

You could call Rubbermaid the “Master of the Mundane.” Briefly take a look at their unique mop design:

  • 30% more floor coverage. The Maximizer Mop has a unique design that allows it to cover much more of your floor than the typical mop.
  • 25% less weight. At the same time, it still weighs 25% less than the typical mop.
  • Absorbs 3x as much as cotton. But you don’t sacrifice any absorption.

All that from a simple mop! They also include an obvious label so you know how to quickly re-purchase the same mop. And it has a universal headband that works with any standard mop handle.

These are just 3 quick examples of Rubbermaid’s amazing utility in the work place. It shows you why we wholeheartedly recommend their products.