Now You Can be a 2016 Super Bowl Winner Too!


Will the Panthers and Cam Newton pull it off? Or will Denver’s stingy defense and an aging, though still effective, Peyton Manning pull off the big upset?
Odds makers like the Panthers a lot more than the Broncos. But as they say,”Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.”
We’ll see what happens in Super Bowl 50.
This year – we’re going to show you how you can be a “Super Bowl” winner in your own way. In fact, you can have toilets in your restrooms so clean that your customers feel like you’re treating them with the same honor of a Super Bowl winner.
Make no mistake about it. Fair or unfair, customers judge how much you care about them by the cleanliness of your restrooms. And when they feel like winners, they’re happy to make you a winner in business.

The “Smart Shift” Strategy Makes It All Happen
Here at Pollock, we’re talking to customers about a new strategy for keeping restrooms clean: Smart Shift.
It consists of four simple steps:
• Clearly define your training and maintenance practices with specific standards and schedules. You have to make it so obvious and clear that anyone can understand what to do.
• Use touchless faucets and flushers. That saves you time and labor costs. And it reduces the potential for contamination too.
• Change to new products and machinery to increase efficiency. For example, use roll towels to eliminate the need for paper towels.
• Use passive air systems to eliminate foul odors directly at their source. You’ll get fewer complaints and will have happier customers.
Power spray all paper towel dispensers, faucets, and toilets for a deeper clean. And post a sign as customers enter in the bathroom that lets them know your bathrooms are cleaner and less likely to infect customers than bathrooms at other stores.
Maybe this wasn’t the kind of “Super Bowl” you expected. And your customers won’t expect it either. But when they experience the cleanliness and fresh aroma in your restrooms, they’ll be happier and far more likely to come back again.