Office Essentials for the Hybrid Workplace

COVID-19 proved that many co-workers could efficiently and effectively work from home, either full-time or part-time. A hybrid workplace encompasses any combination of working remotely, working from home, coming into the office on set days, or coming to the office when needed. Pollock Orora supports all co-workers with office essentials to create a stellar work environment wherever you choose to work.

In the office

Hand sanitizer is a must in any office environment. Most illnesses are considered contagious before symptoms arise, which means hand sanitizer should be used frequently. Be sure all workspaces and common areas are stocked with hand sanitizer stations. Other personal protection devices should be on the list as well, including masks, plexiglass dividers, and wipes to keep all co-workers safe.

Work stations need to be ergonomically correct for every co-worker.

• A sit/stand desk allows co-workers to choose when to stand and when to sit.
• Monitor arms can quickly angle a computer’s monitor to reduce glare, change angles, or access the screen from a standing position.
• Comfortable and ergonomic, ball chairs with a base align the back to reduce stress and strain. If a ball chair is not to your liking, be sure to invest in a good ergonomic chair.
• Footstools aid while standing, and co-workers who are shorter than average benefit by having a place to settle their feet while sitting.
• An anti-fatigue mat allows co-workers to stand without undue pressure on their heels and joints.

All work stations equipped with ergonomic aids work wonders on co-worker health and well being by improving posture, reducing back and shoulder pain, and increasing work output.

On the go

A heavy-duty backpack with storage for a laptop and extraneous accessories as well as much-needed office supplies can be carried to and from the office to any other location. Include paper, pens, highlighters, cords, snacks, reusable water bottles, business cards, product and service brochures, and any other information to share with clients. Don’t forget the computer’s charger, and a charger for your phone as well. Order extra chargers – one to keep permanently at the office and one for the road.

Home office

It may feel like you can work from a kitchen table, but homes are busy places. Set aside an area to create an office without interrupting the remainder of the house. A spare bedroom, a corner of your bedroom, or a small space in the living room dedicated solely to working will help you recognize that spot as the area where you work. When you leave that area, your brain can reset to home. Once you have your area picked out, it is time to create your work environment.

With multiple people at home, a pair of headphones may be necessary to focus solely on work. Another great use for headphones is virtual meetings or phone conversations. When audio and/or visual calls are hindered by poor speaker pickup, it decreases workflow.

Another situation often encountered with virtual meetings is poor lighting. Invest in a ring light or a quality LED to illuminate the background and help others see more clearly.

Many work offices are now equipped with more than one computer monitor to quickly transition from one project to another, or call up information pertaining to a subject while interacting with a co-worker online. Invest in monitor arms for the home office as well.

Look for a good stationery set with notepads, clips, pens, sticky notes, and any other items needed to make a home office function as smoothly as a work office.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your desktop home? That possibility is now a reality with a laptop docking station. To quickly segue from office to home, this innovative technology cables into your laptop to transform it into a desktop complete with monitor, mouse, and all other accessories.  

As with any desktop computer, invest in a good mouse and mousepad. Choose an ergonomic mouse pad to reduce wrist pain and the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Pollock Orora is here with high quality office essentials to help your co-workers transform their work stations, wherever they are. Call us at 800 843-7320 today.