Office Essentials: The Supplier with More than a Century of Problem Solving Experience

Offices looked and operated a little different in 1918 than they do now in 2019.

Not sure if you’ve noticed the same. We’re just sayin’…

Pardon the sarcasm, but we did it to make a point: things have changed in the American office over the past century.

And Pollock has been a recognized name as that change has taken place. It began with Lawrence S. Pollock in 1918, who organized the Pollock-Burt Paper Box Company at the age of 26.

After leaving for and returning from service in World War I, Lawrence merged the company with the paper jobbing business he started to form the Pollock Paper and Box Company. And today, the company’s now run by his grandson, Lawrence S. Pollock III.

How has the company, which now specializes in Office Essentials, been able to remain a force in the industry over that time?

Like so:

1. One-on-One Consulting Solutions and Supply Analyses

Even though this sounds unique, it’s actually not even unique to Pollock’s Office Essentials. It’s a company-wide practice that Office Essentials happens to participate in too.

You’re not just a number. You’re not another line-item on someone’s P&L statement.

You are a real company with real people and real needs. And they’re unique. The Office Essentials team works with you to precisely learn your needs.

And they meet them to a T.

2. A Full Range of Office Supplies

Because of Pollock’s dedication to solving all your office supply challenges, you never walk away searching for answers. The company offers thermal printing paper, cash register receipt rolls, restroom cleaning supplies, and even black lights.

So regardless of the office supply issues you face, you have a solution.

3. Coast-to-Coast Distribution Network

Pollock has 9 distribution centers and a fleet of 100 delivery trucks to ensure you always have the office supplies you need when you need them (in 2 days or less). This even includes if you’re located in Canada.

You can also customize your delivery times to meet your supply flow needs.

You get all this with Pollock Office Essentials. And you can feel good because the company supports the United Way and North Texas Food bank in helping the 564,708 homeless Americans and 13.5% living in poverty.

Yes. With Office Essentials, you’re making a smart decision.

And we’re happy to recommend Office Essentials when it makes sense for your needs.