Paragon Films Turns Stretch Film into a Fascinating and Unbeatable Niche Product

You know the value of a niche specialist, right? The last thing you want is a generic company that “does it all.”

Because, you know that niche specialists get you better outcomes and quality. They offer the product or service you want all the time. So, they know which mistakes not to make because they’ve made them already. And that saves you time and increases your profitability.

Well, Paragon Films does stretch film and stretch film only!

They’ve got stretch film down to a science. That means better product quality and more time and money saved for you.

In specific, here’s what makes them such a big deal:

1. Products Highly Developed for Various Applications

Regardless of what you need stretch film for, Paragon has the perfect film for it. We can’t go over all the stretch films available. But we can talk about a few to give you an idea of the diversity of product available.

Nexus is Paragon’s toughest stretch film for wrapping by machine. It will contain and control your load no matter what. And it has almost unbelievable puncture resistance.

Torque is one of Paragon’s leading stretch films that gets wrapped manually by hand. It has a thin gauge to reduce consumption and costs. However, it comes with folded edges to give you added strength and to reduce the possibility of tearing.

Finally, Paragon’s PET film has been designed specifically for wrapping containers. PET, or polyethylene resin, has low cling properties so it sticks to itself, but not the metal or plastic containers you’re wrapping.

2. Stretch Film for Extreme Temperatures

Okay, Paragon has such highly specialized products that we just had to mention this one too. Cold Force, as its name suggests, works especially well in extremely cold temperatures.

High puncture resistance and load retention, along with great clarity, make this the perfect film if you have to wrap products that must be in the cold.

The bottom line is that Paragon’s stretch film, regardless of the type you choose, easily outperforms that of the competition in all categories.

You’ll save money while still being able to easily control the loads you need wrapped.

And we’re happy to recommend Paragon when they make sense for your needs.