Welcome to the Pollock Orora & Landsberg Orora
2019 President’s Club Trip Information Site!

After rescheduling this trip multiple times, you must know by now that we, and our sponsors, are always dedicated to your health, safety, and well-being, and our decisions will always be made with those foremost in mind.  We are thrilled to that we will FINALLY be taking you to Secrets Puerto Los Cabos this October.

If you haven’t already, please be sure to add “Pollock Marketing” (marketing@pollock.com) to your contact/safe sender list so you are sure to get all updates and registration info.  Better yet, have your IT department “whitelist” that email so your company will never miss another email again. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns with registering.

How To Use This Site

Before beginning Step 6, “Registration”, please be certain to completely review Steps 2 – 5 (Resort, Agenda, Travel and Activities) from the menu above. This will assist you in knowing what is being offered on your trip, and will better equip you to complete your Registration / Re-registration efficiently.

For example, it is important you read about all the Activities available, so you’ll already know which ones you and your Guest would like to reserve, or, more importantly, you review the Travel page and be prepared with all information needed. We cannot issue air tickets with an incomplete registration form (and delays may result in a less than optimum itinerary).

After you’ve reviewed this Welcome page, hit “NEXT” below to go to:

  • Step 2: Resort – get details about the amazing Secrets resort you will be visiting, and all it has to offer
  • Step 3: Agenda – learn about the schedule and general plans for the days
  • Step 4: Travel – obtain information relative to pre-travel requirements
  • Step 5: Activities – review details and timing of the offered activities you have to choose from (They are first come first serve!)
  • Step 6: Registration – confirm attendee info, provide necessary air travel information and hotel room preferences and submit any travel extensions and/or special requests immediately.

We will see you in Mexico!



PS:  If you are looking for the 2020 President’s Club trip information and landed here by mistake, Click HERE for that trip’s website.