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Congratulations!  Winning The Trip of a Lifetime. Solved.

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort, Mexico
October 16-20, 2021

To all trip Attendees:

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience as we worked through multiple delays of the 2019 President’s Club Program Trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you know, the trip is currently scheduled for October 16th, and while we hoped we could host the event by this date, the spike in COVID-19 cases has forced us to look at other alternatives.

Over the past few weeks we have been working with Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort, discussing everything from canceling, to postponing (again), to moving forward as planned, and everything in between. Ultimately, we worked out a solution with the resort to change the trip from being hosted by Pollock Orora/Landsberg Orora, to them providing you a voucher, if desired, for a personal trip for you and your guest to take for when you feel comfortable to travel.

There are 3 options available to choose from for your trip:

  1. Travel in October as originally planned
  2. Use voucher to travel on a future date (Travel to be completed by 10/20/2022)
  3. Forego the trip altogether

While we would not normally provide vouchers for personal trips and understand that some of you may not be able to accept it, this situation has been unprecedented and difficult to manage.  We believe this is the only way we can acknowledge our appreciation for the participation in our loyalty program, yet at the same time keep everyone safe in this unusual set of circumstances.


Clay Kennedy
Central Region Leader, Pollock Orora/Landsberg Orora

 Travel Information

(Subject to change – please check for updates right before your departure.)


  • At this time, ALL flights departing the United States are dictating passengers must wear masks that are KN95/3-5 layers and are not allowing two-layer, homemade masks. They are also not allowing balaclavas, scarves, bandannas, cowl/turtlenecks, etc.   Some airports are also requiring their use.  Be prepared – bring more masks than you think you’ll need.  Non-compliance may result in denial of travel, not only on that day but potentially a future flight ban.
  • See below for the latest information about the latest COVID-19 travel parameters.
  • On the day of your departure, arrive at the check in desk of your airport NO LESS than two hours prior to take off. The airlines ask for three hours for an international flight and we recommend you follow their request.
  • Passports are required and must be valid until at least until 6 months after your return date (April 20, 2022 for this trip). If you do not already have valid passport(s) in hand, you cannot go on this trip.
  • In addition to your passport, please bring a copy of the picture/data page. Carry it with you, separate from the passport; do not place in checked bags.
  • A tourist card will be distributed during the flight to Mexico which must be completed prior to entering Immigration. A portion of this document will be returned to you for use on the return trip home, do not lose it!
  • During the inbound flight, or once landed, you will also need to fill out a customs form. After passing through immigration, you will collect your bags and hand the form to the customs agent after screening.

COVID-19 TESTING REQUIREMENTS  (subject to change – please check regularly)

Before you leave the United States:

  • Click HERE for the latest information about the latest Puerto Los Cabos COVID-19 travel parameters.
  • On April 02, 2021, the CDC released updated travel recommendations for international travelers who have been fully vaccinated. These include two changes from its previous recommendations. First, it is no longer recommended that vaccinated international travelers be tested 1-3 days before leaving the country. Second, it is no longer recommended that they self-quarantine after travel. The CDC highly recommends you do not travel unless you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  That being said (as of September), if you are NOT vaccinated you can still travel, but you will have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 3 days of your outbound flight or documentation of recovery in the past 3 months before you can fly to Mexico.
  • Vaccinated or not, it might be a good idea to go ahead and get a COVID test before you leave so you can ensure you are negative upon arrival, and will be less likely to get quarantined.
  • If you recovered from a documented COVID-19 infection within the last 3 months, follow all requirements and recommendations for fully vaccinated travelers except you do NOT need to get a test 3-5 days after travel unless you are symptomatic. People can continue to test positive for up to 3 months after diagnosis and not be infectious to others.
  • It has not been officially announced (as of now) whether or not you are required to show proof that you are vaccinated, so we recommend you either bring a copy of your vaccination card, or take a picture of it and have it on your phone, just in case, unless told otherwise.

Returning, before you arrive back in the United States:

  • All air passengers coming to the United States, including U.S. citizens and fully vaccinated people, are required to have a negative COVID-19 test result no more than 3 days before travel or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 in the past 3 months before they board a flight to the United States.
  • Currently, Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Resort will provide you a complimentary (a three night stay required) COVID-19 viral antigen test before you leave for the US, which will satisfy this requirement. The resort will provide information on how to schedule that test upon arrival. They will also cover the room for any positive tested traveler (plus one guest) for up to a 14-day quarantine, at no charge, if needed.   Click HERE for the latest updates from AMResorts (Secrets) to learn more.

After travel:

    • Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel.
    • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.
    • Follow all state and local recommendations and requirements after
      • Please see CDC’s FAQ for answers to questions about the new requirement for proof of negative COVID-19 test or recovery from COVID-19 for all air passengers arriving in the United States as well as additional requirements instituted.

Contact us at the info below if you have any specific questions or concerns.  We will, of course, give everyone more detailed travel information once it gets a little closer to our departure dates and it is confirmed! 

CLICK HERE for downloadable, specific information about Ground Transportation, the Airport, and other TRAVEL FAQs (Updated August 2021)


Kristi Mirocha
Journeys & Gatherings, Travel Coordinator
kristi@journeysandgatherings.com or meetings@wi.rr.com
(262) 786-6763  (WI number)

Samantha Stuhlman *
Pollock Orora, PC Program & Trip Coordinator
(972) 337-3806 (TX number)

(*You can also contact Krystina (Williams) Beck, krystina.williams@pollock.com, (972) 337-3634, if Samantha is unavailable.)

We thank you for your patience, your loyalty, and we hope you have a wonderful trip!

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