P&G Professional Creates Innovative Products that Offer Unmatched Benefits

Procter & Gamble dominates the consumer household essentials market with dozens of brand names. And they do the exact same when selling to businesses too.

You just can’t deny Procter & Gamble’s credibility. They’ve been around since, get this, 1837! That’s almost the 1700s. And today, their stock has a valuation of greater than 220 billion, making them one of the most valuable companies in the United States.

As a recent example of their success, the NFL has begun to adopt Tide Professional for cleaning game-worn uniforms. Grass stains were difficult to remove. Some teams even began painting their fields green to improve their appearance on TV, which made removing the stains all the more difficult. White parts of uniforms began looking yellow and worn, to the point where they began bothering head coaches, which included the Kansas City Chiefs’ Andy Reid. That in turn caused equipment managers to lose sleep, fearing loss of their jobs.

Tide Professional did what other detergents could not: it got yellowing and worn white colors (in both uniforms and towels) to turn back to the bright white color they used to be. Some linens became fluffier. Coaches, obviously, became happier. And equipment managers were glad they didn’t have an upset boss.

The teams even got a free 30-day trial of Tide Professional to test out its results. That’s just one powerful example of Procter & Gamble’s business line of products succeeding where others could not.

P&G’s Tide Professional Line Wins Awards

In professional cleaning, winning an “Edison Award” is the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl. The Tide Professional Coldwater Laundry System won this award in 2015.

This system isn’t just about being clean. In reality, it reduces the heat a commercial washer uses by as much as 75%. And to top that off, the water needed by a commercial washer also reduces by up to 40%. The “Edison Green Award,” which this system won, recognizes a product’s ability to reduce carbon footprint, in addition to providing the traditional results the market expects. Even further, the system reduces costs by up to $8,700 annually.

It’s These Qualities that Set P&G Apart

Procter & Gamble operates with the principles that led to the creation of the Tide Coldwater Laundry System throughout its entire organization. And that’s why we happily recommend their products, when they make sense, without any reservation.