Pollock Named to Zippia’s 20 Best Companies to Work for in Grand Prairie

If you decide to move to Grand Prairie, or if you already live here, which companies would be at the top of your list to work for?

Or, maybe the better question to ask would be: which companies should be at the top of your list to work for?

Well, the career expertise website Zippia decided to find the answer to the latter question. And to do so, they evaluated three criteria:

  • Salary data
  • Company financial health
  • Diversity

They pull this data from the BLS, Federal Election Commission, and the resumes and job data that pass through their own company.

The basic goal is to use data to make sure only the best companies make the list. Many surveys use subjective opinions to calculate their rankings. You can read detailed information about their selection process here.

Out of all the businesses in Grand Prairie, Pollock cracked the Top 20 for 2018.

They gave us this nifty little badge to display as proof. You’ll certainly see it on our website because we’re so proud to show it off:

What Makes Pollock So Great to Work For?

Why did we make this list?

Well, we take an intentional approach toward creating that “family feeling” each day. We may have hundreds of associates, but it’s our goal to never lose that intimate feel you only get with smaller, close-knit companies. Managers actively work with associates to resolve concerns and make Pollock a great place to work.

President & CEO, Lonnie Pollock III, visits each location multiple times per year – and actively works to make himself accessible to every person at Pollock. That’s challenging (but doable) when you’re one person and have hundreds of associates!

At the same time, we work hard to solve problems for larger companies that bigger competitors have difficulty replicating.

Our ability to empower associates to do their best both individually and as a team leads to workers who feel positive, motivated, and consistently perform at high levels. We also strive to deliver excellent benefits and keep the atmosphere fun with events like a Thanksgiving potluck and Easter egg hunt.

Finally, what would one of the best employers in Grand Prairie be without active community involvement? Pollock supports many charities, including the North Texas Food Bank, Lone Star Park Charitable Foundation for Grand Prairie, and the United Way.

It’s our goal to continue to make Pollock one of the best employers in Grand Prairie every year. If distribution’s something you find fascinating, we’d love to talk!