Pollock Orora Offers Supplies from Brands You Can Rely On

Pollock Orora has been in business for over 100 years. We have fostered strong relationships with vendors and suppliers through years of continued support. When you have been in business for a century, strategic suppliers become like family. We’re supported by and support more than 1,400 strategic suppliers to fulfill our customers’ aspirations. The following five companies showcase how we work with strategic suppliers in a variety of areas to make solved happen for businesses.

Fineline Settings

When Fineline Settings began its manufacturing of food service ware in the early 2000s, they landed on an interesting idea: create better plastics. Rather than relying on everyday plates, forks, and spoons, Fineline Settings developed elegant forms of tableware you would be proud to use at any event.

With new products manufactured every month, Fineline Settings always has something beautiful for you to use, but don’t be fooled by the outstanding designs – this tableware is fully functional and holds up spectacularly. Even better, their full line of eco-conscious packaging solutions has been created to fill the niche of environmentally-friendly dinnerware needs.

Fineline products are manufactured in the United States, and their growth means more jobs for hard-working Americans. 

O’Dell Corporation

In 1945 William O’Dell returned home from World War II as a marine. His goal: create a mop and broom everyone will love. His humble beginnings on his family’s homestead, traveling from city to city in the southeast, exploded into a cleaning products company with outstanding products and an eye on the future as they implement many environmentally-friendly products for a changing world. Their commitment to the planet begins in the factory, and they are committed to upgrading their processes by using renewable resources for power in their factories, sourcing sustainable raw materials for their products, and creating recyclable products.

O’Dell’s promise is to offer the highest quality cleaning products and exceptional customer service at a great price. Their extensive inventory surely has products your business needs to thrive, but if you want something slightly off the beaten path, O’Dell will customize a product to your specifications. They back their products with a promise of “…integrity, innovation, and performance.” 


While Ecolab wasn’t always a household name, it became one over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their hand sanitizer stations started popping up everywhere as soon as the virus reached pandemic levels. Ecolab is a global leader in hygiene and infection prevention, serving nearly three million customer locations. The company has a 100-year history of creating innovative products to make businesses cleaner and safer for anyone who enters the building. 

The overarching goal for close relationships with global strategic suppliers is to allow our customers to purchase items from various brands using one distributor, and have those goods shipped quickly and economically. Because we buy in bulk, we are able to pass those savings along to you with discounted costs on all your facility solutions and packaging. Learn more about our strategic suppliers by calling 800 843-7320.