Pollock Orora’s Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities demand sanitary conditions. To meet those needs, Pollock Orora offers facility solutions specific for healthcare. From floor cleaning to tableware, we’re here to meet all of your healthcare facility needs. Working with our team, you can be assured everyday items, from office or janitorial supplies to plastic bags or corrugated boxes, are available at the fairest price possible. 

Inventory management and custom reporting

Our customized logistics system shows a unique blueprint of what your organization utilizes. You can focus on one specific floor, building, or region to determine where items are located and when to order more. Our system allows you to manage orders, shipments, and your budget. When you are ready to order, browse our immense online inventory or give us a call, email, electronic data interchange (EDI), or fax. We partner with regional distributors to ensure your products arrive in record time – expect your shipments to arrive in less than 48 hours in most cases.

Dedicated industry training

When your co-workers all follow the same principles, your healthcare organization runs much more smoothly. We offer training in heath and cross-contamination, consultation on best practices for your organization, OSHA requirements (online training available), LEED solutions for a greener healthcare system, customized process solutions, and expert consultation on a variety of other health-related topics.

Cleaning supplies

Healthcare facilities face a distinct challenge since so many potentially dangerous microbes enter their campuses. Stop microorganisms from infiltrating your facilities with cleaning chemicals and disinfectants designed for healthcare challenges. We have you covered from janitorial supplies to antibacterial wipes and sprays to trash and recyclable containers and liners. 

Cleaning equipment

A great disinfectant cleaner and sealer means nothing if it is not applied properly. With our floor scrubbers, burnishers, and vacuums, you know the right tool will be performing the necessary work to keep your healthcare facility at its cleanest. We also offer electrostatic sprayers to quickly disperse antibacterial disinfectants throughout facilities. To save you money, our dilution control systems remove the guesswork on how to dilute a more-robust concentrated product to effectively clean. Buying concentrated products saves you money and helps the environment since you are using far fewer one-application products.

Green solutions

Our U.S. Green Building Council-certified specialists walk you through reaching the level of LEED certification you desire. We have a thorough background on the products, services, and equipment you need to increase the environmental standards in your workplace. Even better, these practices have been shown to increase the health of all the inhabitants within LEED-certified facilities. To begin, check out our green glossary to explain exactly what all those green terms mean. 

Pollock Orora is ready to train your staff, create a cleaning program utilizing environmentally-friendly chemicals, and customize a logistics program to ensure your inventory is up to date.

Green is more than cleaning, though. Any packaging, shipping, and food service needs you have can be answered with an environmentally-conscious alternative. Let us know what you need, and you will have it at your door in a few days.

Wellness, sanitation, and hand care programs

Your facility is not the only portion of your organization that needs to be clean. Your co-workers and patients also require specialized care. With our inventory of soaps and lotions, sanitizers and dispensers for all these items, you can be assured everyone is as sanitary as possible. Our team can meet with your co-workers to train everyone on proper personal maintenance in a healthcare environment. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The items you need every day to maintain the strict protocol for healthcare are available at Pollock Orora. We provide aprons, coveralls, gloves, masks, safety glasses, and shoe covers to keep you safe from head to toe.

Food service essentials

The cafeteria’s role in healthcare is enormous. Each patient requires a specific diet, and the food must be delivered in a safe fashion. We’re ready from start to finish, providing your cafeteria and dietary centers with the proper chemicals, work mats, and personal protective equipment. We also supply plates, trays, and silverware along with shrink wrap and napkins. In fact, our inventory contains almost every aspect of food service except the food! Rest assured our products are USDA/FDA compliant for the safety of your staff and patients.

Let us help you make solved happen. Call the facility solutions specialists at Pollock Orora today at 800 843-7320.