Why Pollock Uses GP Pro Products

At Pollock, we only distribute products from leading brands and manufacturers. If you want to stay in business for the long run, it just makes good sense.

One of our favorites is GP Pro. You may not know their company name. But you do know at least one of their products: Dixie.

And there’s a reason you know that product name. It’s the highest quality when it comes to paper cups.

Here’s why we like GP Pro’s products so much:

They Make Good Personal Hygiene Automatic

It’s so complicated to live and work today. Society has grown so much in its knowledge. So there’s all these things you have to remember to do just to live and work.

GP Pro’s hygiene products make good workplace hygiene so simple it’s nearly automatic. Instead of worrying about the proper way to wash your hands, your employees can actually focus on making smarter decisions at their jobs.

High Reliability Means Low Down Time

GP Pro’s electronic products come with extended warranties, long battery life, and easy ways to replace parts. If a company leads the market, you should expect that from them. And with GP Pro, that’s precisely what you get.

Easy to Maintain

GP Pro understands maintenance. And they get you want to do as little of it as possible. Compare this to companies who you know purposefully design their products to fail so they can make more money off them.

That’s not the way GP Pro operates. Their machinery uses long-lasting refills. That cuts down on maintenance calls. You focus more on making complex business decisions than fighting with daily minutia.

Elevate Your Company Image

Besides being reliable and long-lasting, GP Pro’s dispensing products look good. When your customers see them in your bathrooms (among other places), they get the sense they’re in the hands of a company who knows what they’re doing and really cares. It’s another way you build your relationship with them and keep them coming back.

Reduce Your Cost of Ownership and Environmental Impact

GP Pro’s products help you reduce waste with customizable settings. Not only do you save money on materials, but you also minimize your environmental impact too.

GP Pro simply has awesome products that offer you a number of benefits. You get that amazing company image, without spending a fortune on it. And that’s why we’re happy to offer their products.