PollockOroraCares Stands as One with Communities Across America

“Through PollockOroraCares we strive to make a significant impact on the lives of people in need.”

In the United States, 564,708 people are homeless. According to the 2015 US Census Bureau’s estimates, 13.5 percent of Americans face poverty. Reflecting these grim numbers, families and individuals go hungry or struggle every day to survive in the US without hope for improvement of the situation.

At PollockOroraCares, we’re providing a solution. As the charitable wing of Pollock Orora, we work hard to help those in need who live in the communities across the country that support our company.

PollockOroraCares defines our common passion and commitment to assist those who are underprivileged. To achieve our goals, we’ve aligned with outstanding humanitarian organizations that hold proven track records for results and integrity, helping to set the pulse that drives us forward.

We’ve Called on Two Great Organizations

To help us reach out to our communities, we actively support the North Texas Food Bank and United Way. We conduct goal-oriented, fund-raising campaigns and hands-on volunteer initiatives to meet set annual goals.

The Food Bank Feeds the Hungry

The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a top-ranked, nonprofit hunger-relief organization and one of the largest charities in North Texas. Thanks to this incredible organization, NTFB provides access to more than 190,000 meals each day for hungry children, seniors and families in Dallas and 12 surrounding counties.


Pollock Orora was recently awarded the Hunger Ambassador of the Year at the NTFB 12th Annual Golden Fork Award Ceremony on October 25, 2019.  Read about it on OUR BLOG.

And PollockOroraCares Funds the Cause

We help NTFB provide these meals every year by spearheading an annual fundraiser for NTFB. We also host an annual Pollock Orora Day event during which employees and their families join the NFTB Partner Agencies and Feeding Programs for hands-on volunteer work.

United Way Gives People a Fresh Start

Setbacks happen. And when they do, United Way steps in. The world’s largest privately-funded nonprofit, this magnanimous organization is dedicated to improving lives by helping people earn an education, prepare for a career, settle into a safe home, and more.

PollockOroraCares Helps Community Members Who Need a Boost in the Right Direction

PollockOroraCares teams up with United Way to help area residents live safe and productive futures. Through various company fundraisers, we have consistently supported United Way’s services in communities we serve.


A Strong Sense of Generosity Extends Across the Southern States

At Pollock Orora, we value generosity towards not just our employees but all communities we interact with. This value extends naturally into the lives of all those who work within the company.

Because the Pollock Orora presence exists in more regions than just North Texas, our humanitarian outreach is also growing throughout other Texas regions and southern states. Acting on behalf of PollockOroraCares, our employees have the opportunity to volunteer at the charity of their choice in major cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

One such organization we’ve impacted is the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation. They wrote the following letter as a token of their appreciation:

“Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors like you who donated to our child life team, our patients and families will have a more comfortable and supportive hospital experience. Across all our hospitals and neighborhood locations, babies, children and teens will experience the healing power of play and be encouraged by the care from our well-equipped child life specialists.

We will always remember how the longest day of 2017 went a long way to help the patients at Children’s.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Changing lives and hearts is at the heart of why we do what we do. Hand in hand, we spread the cornerstone values of Pollock Orora throughout the southern region of the United States to effect change, one organization at a time.

Commit to Change with PollockOroraCares

Through PollockOroraCares, our desire is to improve the lives of those who are disadvantaged, overlooked, and underserved in our communities.

Together, there is so much more we can do.

So much more we will do.

About Pollock Orora and the Vision
Behind PollockOroraCares

Pollock Orora is a solutions-focused company that offers sourcing and supplying strategies to a variety of businesses across the United States. Based in Grand Prairie, TX, we provide services to clean and manage facilities, package and protect products, and keep companies running smoothly. We are dedicated to helping both local and national businesses operate optimally, doing what they do best.

And because individuals and businesses in the community contribute to our success, we want to give back. We do that through PollockOroraCares because without a united community standing for those with greater needs, we can’t move ahead towards a brighter future for all. Contact PollockOroraCares today and see how you can support our cause.