Premium Retail Packaging: Your Secret Weapon

Have you unlocked the formula to retail packaging success?

If you have, then you should have noticed obvious growth.

Retail packaging done right attracts more customers and increases customer loyalty.

But what does it mean to do it “right?”

And how could that benefit your company?

Truthfully, it’s a science all its own. You can’t learn it all in a single blog post. But you can learn more about the benefits of premium retail packaging and exactly how they help your business grow.

So check them out below:

1. Customers Do Buy In-Store Products Because of Their Packaging

How many consumers actually do this?

What’s your guess?

25%? 50%? More?

One study by Packaging of the World found 64% of consumers make their in-store purchases primarily based on packaging.

And remember, you can take a picture of your packaging and put it on your website too. So, it can also make a big difference in your online sales also.

2. First Impressions Last

What do you wear to a job interview that you totally want to nail? Or what if you go to a professional conference (before coronavirus)?

You dress your best right?

You know that if you come off as a goof, it’s really hard to overcome that initial impression.

Well; it’s no different with your retail packaging. According to a Forbes article, you have 7 seconds to make your first impression.

To what extent do your competitors understand that? It could be just the opportunity you need to snatch market share away.

3. Easily Increase Your Brand’s Value and Sales Price

Compared to its return, premium packaging has a small up-front cost. So, it’s not really even a cost because you make back more than what you spend on it.

44% of consumers agree that premium retail packaging reinforces the value of a product.

So, you can simply charge more for your product with premium packaging, and consumers will be happier to pay it.

Plus, they’ll feel like they got a better value when they actually use your product. And that means far fewer returns and complaints too!

4. Skyrocket Word-of-Mouth Marketing

You have to remember that the internet and social media are traditional word-of-mouth-marketing turbocharged.

At least 40% of consumers will post photos or videos of your premium packaging online for their friends and family to see.

Nail the experience, and watch the additional sales roll in.

So if you don’t already have premium packaging for your products, now’s the time to strongly consider it.

Done right with the experience of a company who’s done it well before, and a small investment could be just what your business needs to become number one.