President’s Club Vendor Profile: Bocks Board Packaging

We’re taking a bit of a detour from the direction our vendor profiles typically take. Up to this point, we’ve discussed fairly large companies, including many household brands.

Bocks Board is a smaller company focused on specialized product niches other vendors up to this point haven’t necessarily honed in on. Other vendors may produce these products too. However, they’re not a focus for those companies.

But for Bocks Board, these non-typical product lines are the standard. Take a look at some examples to see what we mean:

1. Freezer Paper

Yep. It’s necessary. And up to this point, you haven’t seen any of our vendors who produce this.

Bocks Board makes three kinds of freezer paper, ranging from heavy to light. In addition to being used to package food for freezer storage, this paper also gets used in industrial applications where poly wrap is required (typically with certain metals and lumber).

2. Steak Paper

Well, someone’s gotta make it, don’t they? Bocks Board’s steak paper isn’t just used to protect steaks.

It also enhances the appearance of the meat to improve sales.

3. Pizza Inserts

Note that this does not refer to pizza boxes or containers that store pizzas. Pizza inserts instead sit under carry-out pizzas and absorb grease so it doesn’t run through the box and make a mess for customers.

This also preserves the quality of the pizza. The grease and oil would otherwise also get absorbed by the pizza, which would make it soggy. And clearly, that would bother many customers.

So yes, it’s a small thing. But it makes a big difference to companies that sell pizza.

4. Bogus Paper

Don’t believe the name – it’s 100% legit!

Bogus paper uses recyclable raw materials from boxes, phone books, newspapers, and regular books. Brown and gray in color, bogus paper feels fluffier and softer than other paper used as void fill and dunnage.

Typically, companies who manufacture industrial tools and appliances use this for wrapping. Other industries that use this include auto parts, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, and tile and brick manufacturers.

So yes, Bocks Board Packaging undoubtedly fulfills a niche need. And when they make sense for your company, we’re more than happy to recommend them to you.